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  • SassyKat - Nasty Dirty Roaches Be Gone

    I moved from an upstairs unit to a downstairs one, and the kitchen was overrun by the little nasty dirty creatures. Of course I didn't know it at the time. When I discovered the yucky things I went and bought cans of roach spray, and waited for them to die. But no such luck. They just laughed at me, and continued to make babies and eat my food. Since Amazon hasn't failed me yet I went searching, and to my surprise I found this product. I've only had it a week, and already we have seen very many dead or nearly dead bugs. I will continue to use this spray since I live in Texas and in an apartment.

  • Dream Catcher Darlin' - QuickBooks 2011 for Mac

    I was most unhappy when my new accounting firm required that I have to enter info into Quickbooks for them. Even tho' the reviews were not good for the 2011 version they had me blow $149 on it anyway. I have been using it for nearly 2 months ~ or attempting to do so. It was very difficult to get the download to operate on my MacBook Pro laptop. It often won't open registers, it sometimes has a difficult time moving between companies, it freezes. When I attempt to make up an invoice the software will not put the detail as an income item but rather makes the category an expense.

  • bighedge - Great Training !

    Have had this for two weeks and no complaints. I decided to give it a go the day it arrived; I set up a profile and started working out. Warm-ups are great, some for upper and lower body and will all get your blood pumping. Over the past two weeks I have sampled some of each of the workouts: the beginning levels are very basic and do not push far, but as you advance you will notice a significant increase in difficulty.

  • Stevie Jenkins - Should be renamed Brown Edition

    I got my GP Black Edition in yesterday and, unfortunately, it will be going right back. On paper this thing is awesome - The app for my iPhone also functions quite well. It's nice to have all of the camera's features and options in an easy to use interface as opposed to navigating through the camera's menus with two buttons. I had two original GoPro HD's and they were both bullet proof. One fell off the tip of a water ski crossing the wake and it sank. The other one suffered from scuba diving with a leaky housing. This Black Edition should be renamed the GoPro Hero POS Edition. I've had it for one day and have updated the firmware. It consistently freezes up and becomes unresponsive. I remove the battery, plug in the USB, blah blah blah. It's a complete POS. I charged it all night and took it snowmobiling today and got ten minutes out of the battery and then it died. The two shots I got looked fine but WTF, GoPro? The original Hero was so simple and worked so flawlessly. This thing is a piece of crap. I'm certain that these guys will get this thing ironed out but what a sheister maneuver to release such a dud just in time for XMas. Oh but it shoots 2k and 4k plus this Pro Stream nonsense? The other options that the manual doesn't mention are Lock Up Mode, Inferno Battery Draining Heat Mode and total Brick POS Mode. It also comes with the GoPro Professional Always on 1/4 Full Battery Pack POS Brown Edition Battery - But it shoots 240 fps you say? Did I mention that it also has Two Video Clip Shooting Feature followed by Full Item GoPro LOCKUP Brown Edition Mode? What a piece of crap and so disappointing for GoPro.

  • Cubbins - It's for the Children.

    Yes, these Lego Advent Calendars are expensive for what is in the box and every year there seems to be fewer pieces. However, my children love Legos, and love getting a small Lego gift every day in December. You are not only paying for the little plastic Lego pieces, but you are buying those smiles each morning in December as you children open that day's door and quickly snaps together the kit before leaving for school. -We will continue to buy these kits, even as the price goes up and the number of pieces keeps dropping.

  • BPrince306 - I've been following him since his Ima album release and love how he has evolved as an artist

    bt continually surprises me. I've been following him since his Ima album release and love how he has evolved as an artist. I love his work. This is a great release.

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