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  • Amazon Customer - Juvie and Solai 3

    I loved the book. I hope the series is not going to end. I enjoyed reading about there journey. You did your thang!!!!! Looking forward to reading more on this crew

  • Grateful Grandma - A Beautiful Christmas Romance.

    My Christmas reading season begins with Debbie Macomber's Christmas romance. I look forward to them every year. They are a light, happy read that you can read in a day or so and end up smiling and feeling good. The holiday reading season has now begun. Other reviewers have described this book as a Hallmark Movie and that is right on. The ones where you cuddle up under a blanket with a hot chocolate or a Bailey's coffee and just enjoy. The plot was fun and light, although somewhat predictable. The idea of trying to get someone out of their funk or grouch by "Killing them with Kindness" is a great theme and idea for this book.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent

    My wire for charging up my ipad is all torn up and this was a excellent replacement and now I have a charger for the car as needed. This works just as well as OEM. Fits and plugs into my ipad without any issues

  • Rockin' Reviewer - Dynamite!!

    I voluntarily received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Outstanding story. Any story with a bad boy alpha male and a naive spitfire is a must read. This book has lots of emotions and lots of steamy erotic scenes. Yum. Just goes to show that any situation, even one that starts out not good, can lead to something great and long lasting.

  • What happened - WASTE OF MONEY

    Biggest waste of money I ever spent. It has beautiful card selections but I can't get it to print off on any standard size cards. Maybe there is something different I should do to my printer before I try to print but if so, it is very, very difficult to use. I've wasted so much card stock, which isn't cheap either. Very disappointed in this product and the results I thought it would produce for me in my business.

  • juan pinto - Not a good game coming from a pes fan

    Worst game ever and I'm a pes fan. Well I did remember the old pes up until 2010 was good but after that the game was awful I feel like the players are walking and not running and yes I'm using the running button. I've been playing FIFA and it's like FIFA became the new pes. They change the way player run and add speed to the game, if FIFA adds the champions league theme pes is done.

  • Ioana - Not working for me

    It didn't work for me. I still have roches, they barely touched the gel. Somehow they bypassed it. I put one right next to the kitchen faucet and they didn't touch it but i've seen couple of them strolling around it, around that area. Still looking for a viable solution.

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