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  • rw80227 - Very Disappointed

    Purchased this believing that it could actually convert blue-ray movies for viewing on my pc and handhelds. It won't play a blue-ray movie for starters, how pathetic to have blue-ray authoring software that won't play back it's own compilations. As far as getting audio to work right forget it, you have no control choosing audio tracks. The fit to disk indicator bar value changes after you start burning a disk, so you don't know if the project will really fit on a disk or not. I did find a DAPlayer for free on the web that plays blue-ray movies. If you have NO need for blue-ray support this software is ok, but ArcSoft is way better. I wasted my money on this and as far as technical support goes I have never gotten a response as of yet. Do more shopping before you decide to buy this software!

  • KingGT90 - This book was delivered in New condition, along with ...

    This book was delivered in New condition, along with some other books that I recently ordered from Amazon. I was interested in alternative diets and was drawn to this book as a 'Starter', to changing my eating habits. Hopefully it helps.

  • Rachel - Loving the new selection of cards

    I love my new Hallmark card selections, the program is easy to install and easy to follow - worth the money.

  • Amazon Customer - Best quality and price

    I have been trying different brands of filament and so far this one is the best quality for the best price.

  • Katie - Perfect Gift

    Bought this for my brother-in-law for Christmas. He loves random trivia, and obviously this book has it. I have been holding off wrapping it because I have been reading it myself! Very happy with this purchase.

  • Hobee - You Will Hate Yourself For Wasting Your Time If You Watch This Movie!!!

    This is a horrible movie. I couldn't even finish watching it. Bad acting, bad directing, and uninteresting sets. It is just painful to sit I didn't.

  • Norman - It took less than one week to whitening my underarm skin

    I have been using this whitening cream for less than a week and I already see that my underarm skin got lighter. I shave my hair every 3 days so that my skin got pretty dark. This cream has a unique smell that I remember smelling it from my mom's makeup 20 years ago. It's easily absorbed into my skin and it sure does make my odor a bit lighter than usual. I never heard of the "Shouvy" brand before, but as this cream magically made my underarm skin looks exactly like the skin are around it, I certainly would recommend this to all of my friends and family members in Asia who are obsessing with "white skin" trend.

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