Genetic Cancer Testing Molecular Diagnostic Company - Myriad - Myriad Genetics is a molecular diagnostic company dedicated to the most accurate and timely genetic cancer testing and to making a difference in patient’s lives.

  • Healthcare Professionals: Genetic Tests to Reduce Cancer Risk - Myriad offers an array of genetic tests to healthcare providers to help them assess a patient’s increased cancer risk, disease aggressiveness and optimize efficacy of chemotherapy.
  • Hereditary Cancer Testing - Myriad Genetics - Myriad’s hereditary cancer tests provide vital information to help people with a family history of disease understand their own risk of developing the disease.
  • Inherited Mutation BRCA1 BRCA2 Genes in HBOC - The genetic basis of HBOC is a germline (inherited) mutation in either the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes.
  • Lynch Syndrome and MYH-associated polyposis (MAP) - Lynch syndrome, also known as Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC), and MYH-associated polyposis (MAP).
  • Adenomatous Polyposis Syndrome Colon Cancer Genetic Test - The most common adenomatous polyposis conditions are thought to account for approximately 2% of all colon cancer.
  • Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer Genetic Testing - Pancreatic cancer can be seen in different hereditary cancer syndromes; it is important to take a family history and evaluate which genetic syndrome is most appropriate.
  • Hereditary Melanoma Syndrome - Increased surveillance is critical to the prevention, early detection and treatment of melanoma in patients at increased risk.
  • Cancer Prognostic Test and Cancer Treatment - Myriad’s prognostic tests are designed to provide information about the level of aggressiveness of a cancer and more informed treatment decisions.
  • Personalized Medicine Individual Cancer Treatment - Personalized Medicine products provide valuable information for a healthcare provider to customize medical management plans individually for each patient.
  • Companion Diagnostic Tumor Testing - Learn more about our companion diagnostic tumor testing: BracAnalysis CDX by Myriad.
  • Cancer Testing References - Read the references about cancer testing: BRACAnalysis® COLARIS® COLARIS AP® MELARIS® PANEXIA® Prolaris®.
  • Professional Practice Guidelines on Hereditary Cancer Testing - Guidelines on hereditary cancer testing. Myriad has formed its assessment criteria based on the following medical society guidelines.
  • Hereditary Cancer Patient Education - Read about the Patient Brochures and Patient Guides on theme of hereditary Cancer.
  • Patients Healthcare: Testing Treatment of Hereditary Cancer - At Myriad, patients are our top priority. We are dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life by offering tests that provide important clinical information to assist patients.
  • Hereditary Cancer Quiz - Myriad Genetics’ Hereditary Cancer Quiz helps you to assess whether you might be a good candidate for testing.
  • Prognostic Testing for Lung, Bladder and Kidney Cancers. - Prognostic tests can help you and your healthcare provider understand the biology of your tumor by looking at the level of expression in certain genes.
  • Prostate Cancer: Test Risk Treatment - Optimal management of clinically localized prostate cancer presents a unique challenge to physicians and patients, because it is a highly variable and often slow-growing, nonaggressive cancer.
  • Ovarian Cancer Tumor BRACAnalysis CDx - Tumor BRACAnalysis CDx is a CE marked companion diagnostic tumor test for ovarian cancer patients. This test can detect up to 44% more patients with mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.
  • Cancer Genetic Tests Prognostic and Personalized Medicine Tests - Myriad offers an array of genetic, prognostic, and personalized medicine tests to assess a cancer risk, disease aggressiveness, optimize efficacy of chemotherapy.
  • myRisk - Myriad myRisk™ Hereditary Cancer is a scientific advancement revolutionizing hereditary cancer testing.
  • BRACAnalysis® - BRACAnalysis is a genetic test that confirms the presence of a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation responsible for the majority of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.
  • COLARIS® - COLARIS is a genetic test that assesses a persons risk of developing hereditary colorectal cancer and a woman’s risk of developing hereditary uterine cancer.
  • COLARIS AP® - COLARIS AP detects mutations in the APC and MYH genes, which cause adenomatous polyposis colon cancer syndromes, including familial (FAP), attenuated FAP (AFAP), and MYH-associated (MAP).
  • ENDOPREDICT® - EndoPredict® is a multi-gene test for breast cancer patients, provides physicians with information to devise personalized treatment plans for their breast cancer patients.
  • Prolaris® - Prolaris is a genomic test developed to aid physicians in predicting prostate cancer aggressiveness in conjunction with clinical parameters such as Gleason score and PSA.

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