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  • Amazon Customer - SCAM! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

    After reading about 20 pages into this book I could tell it was a joke. On the grammar section there were clearly so many GRAMMATICAL mistakes that I was not confident in this book. I started to look at the reviews here and noticed that all of the good reviews were actually paid to be put on here (if you look at the end of each review). I began looking for a publisher so I could look at publisher reviews and THERE WASN'T ONE! This was not my only study book I used the one that my school recommended (the one with the most high ratings on here) and you can tell a major difference. Don't waste your money.

  • Mr. Knight - The strongest COG in the Gears of War machine.

    I have been with Gears of War since the beginning. One problem I always had with the series is the story telling has always been average or below average. Great characters, fun moments, amazing voice acting, with a plot and or ending that Michael Bay crafted. That stops here. This is the best Gears of War story to date, the campaign is short but feels right for a shooter. Now the best Gears of War story doesn't exactly set a bar.

  • Alyssa D. - My 7 month old was just in an accident in ...

    My 7 month old was just in an accident in this car seat, while both adult had injuries he came so far seems to have no effects. I will update if anything does come up. But I credit this seat for keeping my child safe and injury free.

  • Pinball - Throw away the scope, You wont need it.

    Mine was for the PS3, and my advise is, don't even bother with "calibration" if you have a big screen TV. Which is kinda silly cause I always thought a hunting game would be better on a 50 inch than a 27 inch. My opinion is that the problem lies with the sensor bar. It is only 7 inches center to center between the sensing eyes. A better solution would have been two separate "modules" each with a single eye, that mounted at the edge of the screen. Then it could be at eye level,(rather than sitting on top of the screen or on the table the screen is sitting on) and far enough apart so that when the gun was pointed at the full left or full right of the screen, the gun would not become "Invisible" to the sensor array as it does now. After about an hour of frustration and a scope that couldn't even put the crosshairs in the same county, I realised that the crosshairs on the screen (game generated) were all I needed to play the game. Probably why "Cabellas Dangerous Hunts 2013" comes with a "shotgun" (no scope) with a flattened barrel, (more accomodating of the extreme angles needed for big screen play) but the same inadequate sensor bar. Arguably a better arrangement than a standard controller but not by much. Perhaps another couple of years of development will yield a system that is to shooting games as the xbox wireless steering wheel(no longer available from xbox, this I will never understand) was to driving games.

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