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  • Michele - Good quality, good price

    This is a great value for a camcorder that shoots such good quality. A couple things are needed before one can fully enjoy it though. What you need is a good size card because the camera has no internal memory. I managed to find a 32gb card for under 10 pounds used at my local video game store. You also need adequate lighting. Really excellent!

  • Kiai - Fit the bill for travel

    I have 2 sets of expensive ratcheting box wrenches in my rollaway tool cabinets I love them but sometimes you just need old standards & metrics for whatever reason price was perfect, construction and feel are pretty much right on, I like them just as much as my other wrenches...

  • jennider - Good reading

    I loved how Ramsey got his self together n man up to do right with Emma. Kills should have a book for her.

  • Happy girl - Great product!!! Lost 5 pounds in 1 week!!!

    I couldn't be happier with this product!!!! I need to lose 10 or 15 pounds and wanted to do it in a healthy way. This shake is great because not only is it delicious, but it is so nutritious! I ordered the vanilla and I have been using it to replace two meals per day. I still consume the recommended 1200 calories, by eating healthy snacks too (and working out) and have lost 5 pounds in a week!!! It fills me up for a few hours, but I definitely get a bit hungry, so that is when I'll have something healthy and low cal. I love that I don't have to purchase a ton of healthy food and count calories like crazy! This shake really makes it easy!!! So thrilled!!!!

  • anonymous investor - The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing 2013 review

    This book was great. As a beginner investor, I learned a lot about the basics of stock market investing. The author breaks down the information of what you need to know to feel confident. He bases this information on backed up data by O'Shaughnessy's research, other prominent investors, and his experience. The author is very opinionated, which I like because I want to know what the author does personally when he invests. I read one book before I read this and it was highly conservative. It made me never want to put my money into the stock market. Anyways, the author showed several techniques using charts as to when to buy or sell your stocks. Although I got the implication from that section that I will always be buying or selling every month or so, this contradicts keeping stocks long term. Additionally, if I am told correctly, buying and selling short term (less than a year) puts you in a higher tax bracket than if you were to keep the stocks long term (more than a year). The tax % difference of the short and long term capital gain is a big deal to me, which I learned about in the book I read before this, because the government is taking a relatively big chunk out of your potential gain! The author doesn't go into tax discussion, but regardless, if selling short term, you still make money, just less. I hope for future editions the author can discuss his thought process and how to approach taxable gains and/or loss. I didn't really think this was a beginner's book, but I didn't think this was an expert book either. I didn't think it's a beginner's book because it's not a textbook-like book where it gives you a definition of what a certain word means. Instead, it gives you an analogy. I didn't think it was an expert book because, like the author said, he left out all the financial equations. I think reading this book in conjugation with is a good combination to answer your own questions. I also think reading another book for a second opinion is good for understanding the different ways different investors use the terms. This book definitely increased my investing vocabulary AND understanding and confidence significantly. I recommend getting this book.

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