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  • Jessica Sotelo (Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads) - I loved everything about this book. A new Pen Douglas favorite!!!

    "Eventually we all have to weigh what we want more: wanting back what we had or wanting what could be. To stay or to risk everything to move forward."

  • Lloyd - Everything I was expecting and more!

    Loving using this product so far. I have an older car with an older stereo, and it's always been a pain to secure my phone when I would hook it up with auxiliary cords.

  • Dirk & Ali - Good gloves.

    I think these are the cheapest dh/moto gloves on amazon (they were at the time of my purchase.) The plastic/rubber armor falls off and the edges peal, right from the get go (I have two pair and they both do the same thing), however the stitching holds up well (despite a number of wrecks that should have ruined at least some of it.)

  • Sonny Garcia - Great Value...

    I'm glad I found this extension to my anti-virus for my 3 pcs at a great price and at a great easy way by just registering my 3 licenses and activating with each pc and not having to do complete downloads again and only extending my subscriptions for each by activating the license to get my new 1 tear extension. So much easier than having to do 3 new complete installs and at a great price and great value too. Thanks Amazon...

  • jchawk - the best live cd/dvd ever!

    Halestorm has true talent. Lzzy's vocals are amazing! I love this album. the best live cd/dvd I heard. I paid $19 for it, but it would be worth more than that. Highly recommended for those who like hard work and live cd/dvds.

  • Decano - If you install this you better darn well love it.

    If you install this you better darn well love it -- you will never be able to get rid of it unless you format your hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch.

  • Amazon Customer - Looks great, does not work well at all! Lost radio reception!

    Looks great on my 2016 chevy colorado. But has completely ruined my ability to listen to the radio. The sound comes in an out frequently, to the point where it is infuriating. After only 3 days of having it on, I have taken it off and put back on the original antenna. I tried taking it off and re-installing it multiple times, without any improvements. Now that my original antenna is back on, I have PERFECT radio reception. Very disappointed. $25 wasted...

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