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  • mike - Good for lower back

    Helps with daily backaches I get at the end of the day, but it's only for the lower back; I have to do other things for my upper back pain. I give it four stars because of the value...I don't think it's worth as much as it cost.

  • kmarie83 - Great vitamin to incorporate into your routine!

    I have been wanting to incorporate some vitamins for my hair and nails for a while now. My nails have getting brittle and breaking easily and also my hair is seeming not as thick as it once was. I have been using these for almost a week and already notice that my hair is not shedding as much in the shower and my nails seem to growing. I am excited to see how these will be after several weeks! Love that they are gummys as well. They are like having a little treat in the morning.

  • Scifi Reader - I take that to mean that she liked the gift

    This was a gift for my niece's step daughter. She ran around screaming "Yes!" after she opened the gift. I take that to mean that she liked the gift. Or, too much sugar before opening gifts. It's open to interpretation.

  • Christie - smells like baby shampoo

    I know some reviewers complain about the scent of this product, but I've always liked it. I've been using it for about a year, and finally figured out what it smells like: baby shampoo. Good, old fashioned 'no more tears'. Sort of soapy and clean rather than the floral scents so many beauty products employ. It makes my hair look healthier and feel smoother, but only if I use it on damp hair. If my hair is already fully dry, then it feels oily and doesn't really distribute through all of my hair. I use a nickle sized portion in the palm of my hand, smear my hands together, and work it through hair that is still damp, nearer to dry than to dripping. Then the results are nice. I've actually received compliments on the scent from a beauty tech who thought I was wearing perfume when I had used no other scented products. She was inches away from my head at the time, though, so don't think it spreads away from you like perfume does. I have very fine, straight, light brown hair.

  • J Styles - The oxymoron of charcoal whitening

    I read about charcoal tooth whitening and have tried it simply by emptying some charcoal pills onto a toothbrush, I really liked how it works.... But that method is expensive and messy. I got a free sample of this product and thought it would be great to try. I've only used it for a couple days, but so far so good. If you never tried charcoal, I'll warn you... Your mouth will be black, but it won't stain. Charcoal has an effect that feels like it's absorbing all the bad stuff and stains and your mouth really legitimately feels cleaner afterwards. Ironically, while you're using it your teeth will look instantly white, I think it's because of the contrasting of the black. This product is a very very fine powder and the instructions say to use very little. It really has no taste at all, and it does have a residual sandy feel so you definitely need to brush afterwards with water or a regular tooth paste. I will absolutely update this review once I've used this for a few weeks. Feel free to ask any questions.

  • Tim Gordon - Looks good

    First came broken but it was shipped international. Second one came quick. No issues. Mounted well and looks great.

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