"sTOp iT GUyS" - Welcome to my blog! I have a lot of interests, so expect to see a lot of stuff here. Feminist. Faller. YTPer. Amateur Smasher. Cis Straight Male (he/him).

  • "sTOp iT GUyS" - I'm Leaving Tumblr I doubt you’re really THAT surprised. If you’re wondering why, though, I just got tired of it. I kept saying I would come back, but every time, it was only fun for a little bit...
  • "sTOp iT GUyS" - Honestly, the only thing I use social media for anymore is to share friends’ stuff and complain about stupid people.
  • "sTOp iT GUyS" - lezbianlapis: “dear young lesbians, bi girls, queer girls, pan girls, and otherwise women loving women– cis, trans or nb: you are not inherently predatory by loving girls. you do not have the male...
  • "sTOp iT GUyS" - Do not vote for Donald Trump. He is an egotistical jackass with bad diplomacy skills. Do not vote for Hillary Clinton. She is a proven liar (and JOKED about it), a bad leader, and possibly even a...
  • "sTOp iT GUyS" : Photo - Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • "sTOp iT GUyS" - funflowerseeds: “compare and contrast ” Let’s see, Bernie got interrupted on stage by Black Lives Matter, a group which apparently feels the need to make itself public by stealing others’ podiums, and...
  • "sTOp iT GUyS" - sheridanblog: “blankets and music boxes make it easier to hide from your misery ”
  • "sTOp iT GUyS" - Honestly, you people really shouldn’t be too surprised that Nicki Minaj decided to work with Robin Thicke. She has worked with regular scumbags like Chris Brown, Drake, and Lil’ Wayne frequently, and...

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  • Susan Salvaggio - ... we thought they were lousy to begin with - dull and hard to use

    We purchased the 14 piece set last year - we have two steak knives that whose handles just crumbled - we didn't overuse these knives because we thought they were lousy to begin with - dull and hard to use. Should have returned the whole set but couldn't find the receipt. Save your money = don't bother purchasing this junk.

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy - It didn't do a great job

    I can't say I will use this again as a detangler as it didn't seem to do much to help me detangle my curls. I recommend 

  • surfergirl - worth the wait

    it took quite a long time to get this delivered and considering the price 100$+, I was worried it would not arrive. but its here. I already have this product so I already love it!! this one is a gift for my sister

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