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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Amazon Customer - The purchase met my expecations.

    I wanted certain cards from these decks, I got want I needed, not much else I can say except I'm ok with the price I paid for them.

  • Chubby Wubbs - I love this product very much

    I love this product very much. Its my botox in a jar. Saw results in just 1 week, however I must add that I have been using a serum in conjunction with this moisturizer. The fine lines are disappearing and gives my skin a glow. Very pleased. I am happy that I had ordered an additional jar so that I would not have to interrupt my skin regime. Thanks again for this wonderful skin cream.

  • Jamie L. Kelly - Warning: They are ONLY "Look" and "SPD SL" compatible. Most gym bikes are "SPD" Compatible only.

    Great looking, love Shimano, but was disappointed that they are only Look and SPD SL compatible. Most gyms are only SPD so it was quite annoying especially since it was no where on the description what type of cleat this shoe used.

  • J. Freiberger - It was either watch this or go to jail. That's what the judge said. Can I still pick jail?

    The only reason this movie does not deserve the full five stars is because it was shot in focus. Had at least some of the shots been out of focus, or even if there had been some color-bleeding or missing frames, I wouldn't have hesitated to give this the full five. I am not rating this as a movie here, but as an implement of psychical torment. While this film was certainly very, very painful to watch, I have experienced almost equally unpleasant reactions to other films; footage of WWII concentration camps and still shots of testicular elephantiasis, for instance. In all seriousness, this movie is a work of genius: Had it been made by a four-year-old, I would estimate that four-year-old's IQ at about 190. Indeed, of all possible explanations, this may be the most plausible.

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