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Prescription Monitoring Program: Home - Morphine, Demerol, meperidine, OxyContin, oxycodone, Dilaudid, hydromorphone, FentanylPain killers, Narcotics, Ritalin, methadonestimulants, pain pills, codeine

Country:, North America, CA

City: -64.816 New Brunswick, Canada

  • Truck Guy - Great looking product

    Great looking product, but does affect your radio coverage. Not a huge deal in a urban/suburban area like DC, but out in the country forget about it. I lose most DC stations around Stafford or Haymarket.

  • Katayoun - A Must Read for Anyone Who Wants to (Naturally) Get to the Root of Their Health Issues Instead of Treat Symptoms (with Drugs)

    I bought this book and read it in one day. I took the test and scored 350+. I had tried to self-treat my asthma and allergies (and numerous other symptoms of dis-ease) with supplements so I could come off my steroids and inhaler but nothing ever really worked. When I read the Body Ecology Diet everything just clicked. There is SO much information in his book that you do not find in regular health-related books or websites. I have been off my steroids and inhaler for a few months now - and as soon as I behave badly for a period of time (lots of refined sugar and /or alcohol) my asthma returns. But most assuredly when I get back on the diet, it goes away. I maintain a therapeutic level of the BED...I now rarely eat refined sugar and keep light social drinking to the weekend. Along with my asthma and allergies going away, I also do not get PMS anymore. With this book I learned to help my body do what it needs to do. My husband is a chiropractor and recommends this book to anyone with chronic issues. I am a firm believer in what the BED can do for people, and I do my best to educate others about it. The BED book offers great recipes like the Summer Corn Salad and Curried Quinoa. BED can be a little difficult at first (it requires you to buy good food (organic), ferment veggies, cut out all sugars including fruit, etc) but if you're truly sick & tired of being sick & tired, you must read this book and put it into action. You have nothing to lose and great health to gain.

  • Kimberly A. Bennett - doesn't work

    Only worked once, and wasn't at all accurate that time. The next time I went to use it the screen looked damaged from the inside, looks almost like water damage which is impossible as it was in me desk the entire time. I already requested a refund on this item.

  • Mary Inc - Very comfortable

    I wasn't sure how I'd like these being so thick, but they really help my knees when having to squat down and back up with my exercises. I get extra comfort vs my Tommie Copper knee sleeves to keep on going pushing through my workout. I did have a little issue at first trying to get it comfortable and where it needed to come up getting the right position. I wore these as we're packing and moving and helped with all the stairs and the walking. I don't think I could have lasted cleaning and packing as long as I did without these helping. I'd be in far more pain without them with all the bending down and coming back up. Very happy with this purchase! I got these at a discount for my honest review and about to order some others at full price in other colors for my car when I go to the gym etc.

  • Kelly - Where has this been my whole life!!

    This product literally made my skin tighter, brighter, pores smaller, & acne/oil gone! Skin is soooo soft & skin firmer. I use only this & the resurfacing face wash. Hands down better than anything I've ever used... Even proactive! La la love it!!!!

  • Hugo - Its nice just wish it had 3.0 usb ports and also power cable SUCKS always falls easy way too easily others 5 stars

    I would give this a 5 star if it had an USB 3.0 port and also if the connection to the power source wasn't so easily disconnected honestly any small force take it off to easily and you could be charging your phone without knowing the ports aren't even powered. They shouldnt made a different port for the power thats the main problem otherwise it'd be a 5 star

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