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Arthritis & Osteoporosis Middletown, Kettering, OH | Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center of Southwest Ohio | State-of-the-Art Patient Centered Rheumatalogic Care - Arthritis Osteoporosis Center of Southwest Ohio, the office of Dr. C. J. Alapatt. Located in Middletown and Kettering, Ohio, we are an osteopathic medical practice specializing in preventing, diagnosing and treating osteoporosis, arthritis and bone disorders.

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  • Ariel Valerie - great service and protection than you

    A real computer geek referred me to your services so I knew I was onto something. So glad I found you.....so much better than the others and it doesn't mess up my computer w/my cable service, what a relief at last

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    I really like asics shoes and my other (old) pair is a true size 8. I really like everything about this shoe but it's just a little on the small size. I probably should've gotten an 8.5 but I can live with 8.

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    I've been taking Masterbrain for a few weeks now and couldn't be happier with it! I started with the PM the night I got it in the mail and woke up feeling more rested and awake than I felt in months, on the same amount of sleep. Already feeling great, took the AM before heading off to work and felt focused and energized all throughout the work day. After a few weeks of consistent use (5 days a week) I'm still waking up and crushing the day will full focus. Awesome product, and highly recommended for those trying to get more out of their day!

  • Joseph M. - The best Non-Shampoo you can use to clean your hair. Most other shampoos are like paint stripper in comparison. Love it!

    I have short hair, and I use a small dab the size of a dime in my hand to wash my hair. What it does is make my hair not lose its ability to stay in place once I wet and comb it. If I had to put any kind of gunk in my hair, it would put little bumps on my forehead. This takes time, and if you have the same problem, it is the hair gel, spray, or what ever you are putting in your hair that is clogging the pores of the skin on your forehead to create those bumps. The main use of this product is for people who color their hair, it is not harsh, and it does not remove semi permanent hair color as fast as foaming shampoos. It does not lather, or foam up when you use it, so don't let that make you use more than you need. It works well to rinse dust, dirt, and a small amount of oil from your hair. All I know is that my hair has been easy to handle ever since the first time I used Deva Curl No-Poo. Don't let the description fool you, it works well with curls for the same reason it works well with my very straight hair. Do you think they could charge so much if this worked as well as anything else? I have used most every shampoo on the planet, even shampoo that the women who cuts my hair said was just as good as Deva-Curl. Nothing I have tried comes close to how well Deva-Curl works.

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