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  • Mr. Queensway, the "right" Barrister - Touch interface, faster performance, good value compared with Home Premium

    It has been 10 years since the new versions of office documents (docx, pptx etc) were introduced. For better or worse, Ribbon interface is here to stay. Is there something new that Microsoft can bring to the table?

  • BethG - Excellent on my thin hair!

    Finally found a shampoo that works well on my fine and thinning hair! The fragrance is light and refreshing. This is very good shampoo!

  • Ronny - Avalon Vit C Renewal Creme

    I love this stuff, it makes my face feel soft and smooth. My wrinkles are less than before and that is why I decided to try this product.

  • evelyn g - Trash

    Trash, dont buy it!!!! It literally melt after 3 months of use. Also, it is not compatible with computers that have windows 8 or above

  • Hokum - Eh buy a different one or use a different planchette.

    The planchette is hard to move on the surface of the board. It gets stuck because of the boards material. Really cheap tbh. Not sure if it works though but chances are it could. You're better off using a shot glass as the planchette but if thats the case, just buy a different ouija board.

  • Shanna Armijo - Great lights!

    These solar lights work great so far. I have them on the side and back of my house where it's the darkest and they light up the areas really well! I like the green color too, it blends in well with the trees in the yard. They are super easy to put up and turn on. The charge works all through the night. I am very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for some solar motion lights. I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased review!

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