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  • mwild - Great Fit

    The cross bars for my 2008 Highlander worked out great. The one thing that could be improved upon are the instructions explaining exactly how to use the provided tool to remove the rear rail covers. I had to search youtube for that information and the rest of the installation was a breeze. These rails have a higher load capacity than those sold by Toyota.

  • Shannon Zelinski - Cheap electronics

    It worked the first time I used it and I thought, Wow! Great product! The second time it took 30 min of coaxing before the buttons would register properly. The third time the buttons were all screwed up and didn't respond correctly at all. The product warns not to leave water in it over night and to dry completely between uses. I did that. The electronics are crap. You would think a company would put a robust and waterproof electronics system in something that swishes water around.

  • SaltLakeBrave - Fantastic

    One of the all time greatest rock songs ever. Written and performed by one of the most underrated British rock bands

  • G.S. - A bad choice

    Intuit took a good product and spoiled it with this version. Suggest people buy the previous verision, or not update until the appearance and readability of the screen is improved.

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