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  • Chuck - Great for ultimate frisbee

    Have been using this for ultimate frisbee for years. LOVE it. Slightly tacky grip that helps with sweaty hands, rainy days, and doesn't change the way you have to throw (like some gloves).

  • Nancy T. Scobie - Useless

    Absolutely no results nor any difference in my metabolism that I could notice. In my opinion, it was a total waste of money.

  • Lisa Murry - Pretty sure I'll never make it out of my house ...

    My daughter saw one of these in a horror movie and wanted to try it. What could go wrong? I did a little reading and sent her a link with some important dos and don'ts. Not that I really believe in talking to the dead via a checkerboard, but I thought we should follow some guidelines just in case. She promised me she read the article. She is 15, so I probably shouldn't trust her to read anything not on social media. The first thing she did was to put the planchette on the board and say, "'Sup bitches?!?" Then she left the board unattended, dropped the planchette on the floor, and basically did all the other things listed in the "don't" section of the rules. She is now levitating and speaking in tongues. Pretty sure I'll never make it out of my house alive, or at least sane. Buy at your own risk, especially if you have a 15 year old daughter.

  • Charlie84 - So far so good

    Taking this product before I do a liver flush. So far it's hard to tell if it has made a difference so far as I have only been taking it for a short while. I am doing a liver cleanse due to candida. I am hoping that taking this product and doing a liver/gallbladder flush will cure my candida! I will update this review once I have done the flush and let you know about my results.

  • Jessica Lawson - sticky situation

    Omg i love these stickers. My children had a blast opening each package to see if they could finish their sets in the album. It was a great learning project for them. They learned quite a bit from the stickers and album pages. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

  • ben deaver - Do your research and buy this product!

    Oh man, where do I start? This stuff is soooo great. And so functional. And so many uses! We ingest one tsp per day in the morning about 20 min before we drink our coffee. Put 1 tsp in 8oz of water, stir well, and drink down. Drink an additional 8-10oz of water after that and you're good to go. Gets things moving for sure. I'm not going to regurgitate ALL the benefits and uses as you can read those in the description or on the company website, but it's well worth your time researching diatomaceous earth and why you should be using it. My caution: don't start ingesting more than a tsp initially--you can work your way up to 1-2 tbsp, but if you start drinking more than a tsp, you may get a pretty bad stomach ache that will last for at least a day. I also take a probiotic to help keep the good stuff in my gut. Remember: diatomaceous earth has no chemicals in the powder. It cleans out your system MECHANICALLY. Its efficacy depends on how much you need to take and how bad you are dealing with parasites, worms, candida, gut problems, etc. We also use it on our pets as a natural (read: non-chemical) flea preventative and maintenance (put it into a duster and lightly dust your pet's coat). We use it around our house to keep spiders (eek) and other insects at bay ("spray" the powder dust in the corners of your closets, around the baseboards, under your bed, etc). When you are dusting, you may want to keep the kids out of the room and try not to inhale the dust particles as it may cause you to cough. It should be fine for kids to be in the room when the dust settles. Research how DE kills bedbugs!

  • Jennifer Perez - it is OK...

    I do like that you can take this with you when you travel. I think that is something everyone thinks about when staying in a hotel is clean sheets and if there are any bugs. I haven't had to really use this yet but i am glad i got a free sample to try because i will be traveling here soon and will certainly take this with me just in case. its small and easy to use. overall great product.

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