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  • N. C. Nadal - Bad bucket case.

    I have been using this brand for the past 2 years with good results. However, besides the price increasing from $114.99 to $129.99, with my large purchase I got a case of "bad bucket".

  • Media Man - Some Reviewers R Nuts!

    As a diabetic I wanted ice cream but wanted to control my sugar intake. When I saw the Yonanas featured on my health network page I investigated. The Amazon reviews varied greatly. However, for the price I thought I'd give it a try. LOVE IT! The noise issue is poppycock, fruit remaining in the machine; open it up and spoon it out if don't want to waste two tablespoons of yummy and cleaning is a breeze. Some people must live to complain. The texture and flavor is heavenly. I have a Vitamix and a food processer, neither can duplicate the Yonanas and both are definitely harder to clean and leave residue inside. Forget the hater and give yourself a treat!

  • Terry - Streaks down 75% of the pages printed

    This product may save you money on toner, but you will need to factor in that it prints a black streak down most of the pages it prints. I end up having to reprint most things several times until it will finally print without the black streak. Save your money and buy the HP toner instead.

  • Saddie Loiuse - It works but the pouch is pretty tiny and the water bottle holder is at a ...

    It works but the pouch is pretty tiny and the water bottle holder is at a funny angle so it is really easy to accidentally knock things out of it.

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