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  • Robert A. Bowers - Doomsday on a small budget

    First let me say I am a major fan of disaster movies; they are armchair adventures for me and I watch a lot of them. This movie, for plot, acting or special effects in no way comes even close to matching 2012, the major movie release of last year. This particular movie is made on a very small budget; if you have watched any of the disaster movies shown on the SYFY channel, you have a good idea what you are in for here. There are computer generated special effects, some pretty good, some pretty obvious, such as the subzero blizzard in the tropics that doesn't seem to bother the plants at all or make the actors appear to be particularly cold in their tropical clothing. On the plus side, the movie was largely filmed in Belize using at least some footage of a Mayan temple, which helps a bit there. The basic plot of the movie has various people attempting to get to a Mexican Mayan pyramid by Dec. 21st in order to fulfill a Mayan/Christian prophecy. There are some major holes in the logic of the film, such as why the Mayans would incorporate Christianity into the design of a pyramid long before the arrival of the Spanish, but NOT incorporate it into their lives and culture. The movie is produced by a company called Faith Films which explains why, several times in it's approximately 80 minute running time, it seems to grind to a halt to deliver a mini-sermon. Most of the action takes place in out of the way locations and involves a small number of people; considering the world is threatened with total destruction, I am not sure where the rest of us are and why we don't seem to care; are we all hiding in our basements? I bought this double feature disc on impulse in Walmart for under $10. All in all, for a small investment like this, assuming your expectations aren't too high, you probably won't be too disappointed.

  • SMBainter - Almost perfect!

    I bought this to compliment the new Lenovo laptop I got. I wanted something in a slim form factor and this looked to fit the bill. As soon as I received the mouse, I plugged it in to fully charge it. After fully charging the mouse I plugged it in and it seamlessly synced with my computer. The response of the mouse is on par with some of the higher end mice I've purchased.

  • Bippy D. - Manufacturer defect - machine never worked!

    This machine never worked! The motor runs, but the metal cup that is below the bobbin case was installed wrong. The cup has a slot in it where the needle goes through to create the stitching. This piece was installed about 1/4 turn off - which means the needle bottoms out on the solid metal section vs pass through the open slot to complete the stitch. My local sewing machine repair shop does not do warranty on Singer machines anymore (they cite poor manufacturing as the reason). So my only recourse is to travel 65 miles to the authorized singer warranty place and pray they will fix this error at no cost.

  • Mandi - One handed dispensing!

    This is a great pepper grinder for one handed use. Your traditional grinders require two hands. I love this design, simply squeezing the handle multiple times to dispense the pepper. If you too have wrist issues as I do, then you will love the ability to just squeeze and dispense. It stands up nicely and has a see through window to see if you are using pepper corns or salt. I need to get another one to complete the set. I was given this product at free or reduced price in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion.

  • Claudia R. Smith - But would like to have more recipes in the magazine

    Downloaded to my Kindle and have read some and checked out the recipes. But would like to have more recipes in the magazine.

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