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  • Fuzz Buzz in IN - Was not as good as prior version

    Basically useless. Bought one years ago, and was hoping that this would be the same, but updated. It is a step backward in usefulness. The old version showed our address on the map, this version only shows the town and not our location in the country.. We have only lived here for thirty five years.

  • Dfuzer - Great washer for the price. Minor gripes.

    Finally got to fire it up this weekend. Add oil, gas, and connect everything and it starts on the first pull! Powerful engine worked well for over 3 hours of washing. Couple of gripes: Holster for spray gun does not hold tightly. Gun can fall out when moving unit around. High pressure hose connection to pump is on the engine exhaust side. So if the hose is pulled from the front, it can contact the exhaust muffler and that's bad. System does vibrate a bit, may be due to 3-point stance (2 wheels and a pad) instead of something more stable. But, it is a quality engine and pump and that's what counts. Fit and finish was also very good.

  • JJ21 - I love this product

    Just upgraded my program. I love it. Very easy to use and I can make all kinds of different projects with it.

  • Tommy Ryon - 100 Fun Stories for 4-8 Year Olds

    I am giving this book five stars because it is very much like a shooting star you cherish that book forever. I mean I'm 9 nearly 10 and I still love this book alot

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