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  • Kindle Customer - The kids have learned all the songs

    I have this app both on my Kindle Fire and my Roku. The kids (2 and 3 years old) will usually stop whatever they are doing to run and sing along with the songs. The 7 year old at his advanced age won't run but will be there just the same to argue about which song should be played next. The app on the Kindle is so easy to operate that the kids have learned to stroll through the characters until they find their favourite songs. The kids have all memorized most of the songs. It's nice to see these much loved children stories in animation.

  • Shelby davis - temporary solution at best

    The first few months it was fine, however proformance quickly degraded. After about perhaps two months it would not get hot enought to cook chicken, we are talking +30 minutes of cooking time and the center is still raw. now 6 months after the purchase it will not even cook eggs, it is not even hot enough to burn my hand at full power after 20 minuts of cooking! For $25 I would say it is a temporary solution at best.

  • Amazon Customer - it sits nicely on his coffee table or bookshelf as a proper ...

    My co-worker is a HUGE Ghostbusters fan and I got it as a gift for him. Even though the logo or the work "official" is not slapped on it anywhere, it sits nicely on his coffee table or bookshelf as a proper book that mostly Ghostbusters fans will recognize. I leafed through one months ago and was thrilled to find it on Amazon so I purchased two because I can't let my co-worker be the only one to own a copy.

  • Alan Cox - Up From the Cellar!

    I own every Marillion CD and am a longtime fan of the band. That said, when Radiation came out, I was terribly disappointed. It was painful on the ears and if there were good songs on here, I couldn't hear them through the muddy production. Having heard live versions of many of the songs, I thought there's got to be room for improvement. BAM! The remix is absolutely life giving. I can actually listen to the music now, and while it's nowhere near the top of the Marillion list of best works, this nice package, which includes the old and the new version both, plus nice artwork in a book like format, has moved it up the ranks. A vast improvement!

  • Kasia - I ordered 2 sizes bigger and still not comfortable for me

    I ordered 2 sizes bigger and still not comfortable for me , heavy , no room , I could not walk in more than 1 mile , it was too painful and too hot , the moment I changed my shoes I walked another 7 miles without issues .. I really like the design , but this shoes are definitely not for running or walking for a long period of time in my case, my feet are narrow , I tried to like it but did not worked for me , it may work for you but you need to try as everyone will have different experiences .

  • Eleanor Ruby - great product.

    I got my lips tattooed. The cosmetologist that put the permanent lip color in my lips told me that Abreva works best on the lips for the first week after getting the procedure done. She was right. This stuff helped heal my lips fast and made it to where they weren't as flakey that first week after getting the permanent color in my lips. I highly recommend Abreva for the lips.

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