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  • densie - back2life

    This is not a machine for those who have mid to upper back issues- it will not do anything for you. If you have sciatic issues, lower back issues in the lumbar area it may help you. It does gently move your hips up and back and it can help relax the lower back muscles. I bought it since I was having some sciatic issues due to my hip/sacrum joint being out of alignment- it hasn't been able to fix that, but it has helped my lower back from getting so tight like it does if I do nothing while out of alignment. I have unilateral partial-sacrilization of the L5 which is the proximate cause of my sciatica and if left untreated the muscles spasms creep up my lower back and it is really painful. The back2life machine has stopped that from happening while I've been seeking good chiropractic treatment to get the joints back in alignment- that's the only permanent fix I have found for my situation- regular chiropractic adjustments immediately- or as soon as possible when it goes out. I do think I will keep using this machine since it is relaxing and does help with tense/tight lower back muscles.

  • tdrbat - Good Value

    Be sure to test anything you order. I purchased 2 laser toners, but only 1 of them worked. If I had not tried them both I may not have known the defective one didn't work until after the return period expired. Luckily, I did and called customer support. They sent me a new one with a prepaid label to return the defective item. Great service.

  • J. Ewewho - Caution.

    This product is full of alcohol and parabens. It is extremely drying. I have never left a product review but this product made me feel it was warranted.

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