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  • Gryphon - Great for all occasions

    Top quality program, as you would expect from Hallmark. The Deluxe edition contains thousands of cards. We had been using the 2005 version and were very pleasantly surprised at how much the Card Studio program has improved.

  • Kim Weinstein - How To Pay Zero Taxes Review

    This book is excellent if you are a detail-oriented person who has the patience to sift thru tons of information. If you are impatient and want a quick guide to give you 'tips' on how to save on taxes...don't buy this almost 900-page book. If you take the time and read thru it carefully with a highlighter marker, you will benefit from this author's extreme knowledge on this very complex subject and save yourself money. time is money and this book is worth your time.

  • JOSE - Perfect to Take With you to the Gym!!

    I hit the gym pretty often and I always used to take a small regular towel but I noticed that with a couple of them that after several times that I wash it there was a stench coming from it, like old clothes and what I read about it is that when you use a towel pretty often there will be thousands of dead cells on it specially in your face where cells regenerate and get replace very often and then there is bacteria that grows on your towel that eat those cells and causes an old clothes kind of odor and then add all the sweat to it and you make the perfect storm. That is why I was looking for a towel that was made of an antibacterial material and that was fast drying because if you go to the gym you know that you will end up with a wet towel by the time you are done with your routine and it is not something that you want to put on top of all your other stuff or in the car, but with this fast drying towel I do not have that problem. Normally I use it at the gym and it has never felt that it is wet, don’t miss understand me this towel holds a lot of water without dripping and it will dry in about 15 minutes or less. So far I have not found any smell coming from it after I wash it like with my other towels so that is a key feature for me. I am happy bringing this towel to the gym and I will definitely buy more in the future. Also, This is way bigger than the ones I already own which is also perfect to put in the bench or floor if you want to lay down or do yoga. I got this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. In no way, I warranty to write a good review if the product is bad and my review reflects my true experience with the product.

  • BethanyD - True to claims, so far

    I was looking for a vacuum that would switch easily from carpet to hard wood and one that could handle a large amount of pet hair. This vacuum does both wonderfully! You can switch the roller brush off with the push of a button when you want to clean hard floors. It's suction is very powerful and doesn't blow back any dust. I vacuumed my carpets with my old bissel, then used the shark for the first time. I filled my dust cup up full with dog hair! Here's a breakdown of pros and cons

  • Stargazer - Hope it works

    Giving only four stars because I'm not sure this will work for me to relieve inflammation of wrists and hands due to some arthritis and repetitive motion from working on crafts. Tylenol never truly helped me but have been taking for pain because I am not permitted to have Advil, Aleve that would irritate stomach and esophagus due to acid reflex. Hope this helps to give some relief, because after trying many topical creams that did not work, I decided to give Tylenol Arthritis a try knowing it is safe on the stomach and doesn't interact with meds.

  • Norman D Smith - Works great on our 3 month old twins

    We tried original formulation A & D ointment. Ordinary A & D may be fine for prevention, but zinc oxide is required to accelerate healing. We purchased 16 oz of Balmex, and although it is denser than a thin smearable ointment, it stays put where it is applied and the same amount will surely go farther. That feature also makes it a very economical buy.

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