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  • tyler - thicker lashes

    Packed with Vitamin E, essential Omega 6 fatty acids, and rich nutrients, CSCS Pure Organic Castor Oil helps minimize hair loss and moisturizes dry skin to create a healthier balance of natural face oils and thicker, stronger hair. By nourishing hair follicles deep within the roots, castor oil actually encourages the repair of damaged hair, strengthening it and helping it grow longer, thicker and frizz free. When you addCSCS Pure Organic Castor Oilto your daily healthcare regimen, you can experience silkier, smoother hair, longer, bolder eyelashes, and even more beautiful, fuller eyebrows.i received this product at a discounted price in an exchange for an honest and unbiased review, It arrived in the usual amazon box without any issues or concerns.

  • Erin DeGroot - Life Changing. Why didn't I discover these sooner?

    I am a young mom of 4 kids. And I have spent years feeling tired all day every day, waking up with headaches, and just generally feeling blah.

  • B. Holmes - reviews

    I appreciate people who take the time to review a product. That said, all but two of them didn't say what they coated with this stuff. If it isn't as good as advertised you should say what it doesn't work on. I mean, for all i know you tried to use it on a ham sandwich.

  • Joe Pahl - Not a bad game

    keeps me occupied and entertained during the cold winter days. The game gets a little better every year. This gun makes it a lot more fun to play.

  • Shelby - Great Cables, Actually 4k 60hz capable

    Contrary to other reviews I've read, these HDMI cables are actually capable of 4k (3840x2160) at 60hz. I tested them with the HDMI 2.0 output on a GTX 970 reference model and a Sharp 4k TV. While it's a relief these cables are as good as they say they are, if your set up is compatible with DisplayPort I would very strongly recommend you use that over HDMI 2.0. In my experience so far DisplayPort causes less problems when gaming at non native resolutions. I often play games on 1440p because even 2 GTX 970s can't keep up with 4k gaming. On my 4k monitor with DisplayPort this isn't a problem, but on my 4k tv with HDMI 2.0 I lose my 60hz capability at 1440p.

  • Mike - great fit and easy to install

    Be careful of gasket seal that meets up with roof rails. The corners have a tendency to fold under. Other than that, great fit and easy to install.

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