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  • Leigh - I would not recommend this nutcracker for anyone looking to buy one that ...

    I would not recommend this nutcracker for anyone looking to buy one that cracks nuts really well, but what it does do is make people crack up when they see it. I bought this for my dad as a Christmas present, and it was a hit. Everyone loved it and asked where I ordered this from. If you are looking for a fun, silly gift, I would recommend you buy this. Maybe one day it will be considered a collector's item!

  • Sarah A - Fits Graco Click Connect carseats

    This fits Graco Click Connect 35 car seats. I called BOB and they said this has been safety tested for Graco Click Connect.

  • Stevie G - Not for my 65" Samsung

    I was looking to get something very low-profile to mount my newly purchased Samsung 7100 65" LED. When i first received the tiny box for this item I had doubts about if it would work with my TV. The frame for this unit actually has to be assembled so it is very compact when shipped. Ultimately Im sure it would have supported my 65" LED, but the distance between the wall and the back of my TV with this mount is only 1.3". My TV has a combination of input jacks that come off the back, both sideways and some that come straight back. The ones that come out straight back are the problem, specifically with the optical audio cable I was planning on using. I would have had to bend the back of the cable at an undesirable angle to get it to fit. I considered getting a 90 degree adpater, which would have allowed for the connection of the cable without having to bend it, but after considering my options decided to go with a more versatile mount that I could use, the ATDEC TH-3070-UFL Telehook, also sold on Amazon. It has a full motion articulation and provide ample sapce between TV and wall (2" min to 25" max). It costs severals times the price as the Cheetah Mount, but will provide the right versatility for me to connect all the cables I neeed and easy accerss to the back of the TV for future cable changes.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic EDC flashlight

    Fantastic EDC flashlight. Very bright, appears very durable. Comes in at a fantastic price point. Definitely can't go wrong, and is currently my favorite flashlight under $100 that you can purchase. Don't hesitate!

  • Chad in AK - CLOTS-BE-GONE

    This review is for Quercitin-Bromelain/Nattokinase/Serrapeptase, because I take them all together, and don't know which individually had the great effect - BUT IF YOU EVER SUFFER CLOTS, READ THIS:

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