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  • Amazorro - Watch out!

    Watch out! A brief analysis of this device shows that it appears to have the same flaw as most of the other devices in this class. The flaw: ANY localized monogravitational force will be amplified by this device and will quickly begin to dephase all nearby electromagnetic forces. Dephase far enough and you end up increasing the harmful EMF effects rather than neutralizing them. With today's technology you could easily end up making yourself far worse off than you were before you purchased this device. Until the manufacturer includes a (quality) monogravity harmonizer, I'd strongly suggest caution. And yes, by quality I do mean FULLY tethered!

  • Alethea Coker - Awesome Product!

    I was hesitant on buying this because of the negative reviews that I read but I gave it a try anyways. This stuff actually works when you follow the directions! I have had all my previous tattoos without any numbing cream and they hurt every time. The tattoo I recently got while using Hush was on my wrist and it was very tolerable. It started to wear off near the end of the session but I expected that to happen, as this is only a topical anesthetic. I highly recommend using this when getting a tattoo, but I also recommend getting a tattoo first without any anesthetic so you can tell the difference. :)

  • Billdoe - This Book Change The Course of My Marriage

    If you are married this book. If you are contemplating this book. If you are this book. Grab a big grain of salt for some of the parts, but the majority of the book should be required reading for high school students.

  • Ashley - Thin and light weight and very quiet mouse clicks!

    I love the feel of this mouse, it is very thin and light weight! I'm am still getting adjusted to it since my old mouse was a lot bigger and heavier but so far my hand isn't cramping. It is plug and play and worked immediately after putting the USB dongle into place. It is very responsive and the mouse button clicks so quietly that you really don't hear it at all (definitely a plus if you need to use it in an office or meeting). It is rechargeable and comes with a cord for charging which can be done while you continue to work. There is also a power switch on the bottom to save battery when not in use.

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