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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Carla S. - ... week now and so far it is doing really good. The quality is amazing

    I've had this monitor for about a week now and so far it is doing really good. The quality is amazing. The size is good and there is really no input lag or motion blur. I use this for gaming and everything seems fine. I would recommend getting this monitor it is good for its price.

  • NJ Tree farmer - Glad I read the reviews !!!!

    I have been struggling with Intuit since January when a rep apparently cancelled my payroll account in error. They promised a refund which I never received and started a new account. I found out later they were actually running and charging me for two accounts for the same product. They are now on 'merchant block' for my credit card. Now my QB Pro 2011 is about to expire and I find that the price is a lot less on Amazon. Not only that, I no longer trust Intuit, for all the reasons noted in other reviews. The thing that annoys me is that they want me to upgrade while they still owe me at least $200. Outrageous. And the offshore customer service(??) is THE

  • chelsey - Not What I Expected...

    Well like alot of folks I saw the Gunilla Of Sweden's website and was excited to try something that was all natural. I have had acne since I was a teen and I felt like I have tried EVERYTHIING under the sun.I thought this product has to be it;Its all natural, the reviews on the site were great(of course), so what the heck I'll give it a shot. It didnt work at all.I actually gave the product (mud mask) 2 chances, I bought the mud mask twice...After 7 weeks of using it and NO progression I decided to send it back. After all, there is a 100% money back guarantee right? NO! Sure they refunded my money for the second tube ($27)but they ask you to ship it via FED EX or UPS so "they can ensure they will get it back".Ultimately I paid $10 to send the tube back..So ultimately it wasnt really 100% of the money I spent back.Maybe it will work for the next person but it was just another let down for me:( People really struggling with acne know what I mean.

  • dave - Nice bright landscape lights

    When I open the box wow, these solar lights are really nice. What you get is 6 light with 6 poles about 10 inches high with spikes. The best thing when you put them out along the sidewalk or something else. Make sure you have direct sunlight and have the lights turn off for at least 24 hours so the battery's can get a full charge. I hope this review helps out for those that buy these lights.

  • Chrisha - Quality Vision Health Vitamins

    I really enjoy taking these Vision Health supplements. They are easy to consume, they don't cause any negative side effects. I feel like my vision has been more focused since taking them and they contain amino acids, minerals and lots of vitamins to ensure many positive vision benefits and qualities. The recommended dosage for these supplements are two tablets daily. I believe that they are very efficient and they contain Vitamin A which gives your eyes much needed support. I would like to thank Vita Strength and Amazon for allowing to try this supplement complementary and I am very satisfied with their results.

  • D. O. Smith - Poor product with poor customer service.

    The cooktop heats slowly with poor power. You can set a precise temperature for the pan but when verifying with a thermometer, the temp is way off. The material on the top surface feels like a cheap cardboard not glass as you expect and will scratch easily. Finally customer service is bad. The commercial demonstrated a cast iron grill for cooking meat. They sent me a pancake "griddle" and refused to exchange it for what I ordered and expected to get. You well feel bad if you order this stuff.

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