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  • R32_GTR_N1 - Perfect!

    These fit perfectly and are very comfortable. The vent on the bottom provides excellent air flow in the summer and a simple cover alleviates the cold air in the winter. Great build quality.

  • stanley alvarez - I liked it because

    I liked it because. Well first of all it has new countries like Belize but the bad part of it is that the narrator dont narrate the names of the players of countries like belize and thats is like being raises! Other than that its great!!!!

  • Amos Clyde - does the job

    This unit replaced an identical, 220-volt version by Oster because the first unit developed a water leak, which I read is common with this model. But the first one lasted 4 years with no problem, and considering the price, if this one lasts as long, it's worth it, despite the noise it generates when it pumps. It does the job, I have no substantive complaints.

  • Ruth fritz - Love this product

    I love this product. It's light weight and it works. I was told you could purchase these without a prescription and was delighted. Picked this product for price and brand name. I have a blood pressure monitor made by them and it works very well.

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