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    Very nice planner. Bought this for my college age granddaughter who loves elephants. Pages organized by the week: day/date - each day has own column for writing. Can see two weeks at a time when pages opened flat. Back of planner has pages for doodling and notes. Front pages for notes/birthdays. Half year July - December 2015 & January - December, 2016.

  • TB-10 PLT - Does it work?

    Does it work, who knows? But at this price, it's can't hurt. We've lived at the same house for 14 years now and only called the pumper 3 times and each time he said that it really didn't require pumping but it's a good thing that we at least think of him.

  • Alvin - More than meets the eye

    First, a disclaimer. I currently do not sell the product, so I will give you an honest neutral review. I do love this product...I am medically classified as morbidly obese, although I am in good shape, I still wanted to lose the belly fat. Heard about it from about 20 different people, thought i'd give it a try. First and foremost, I have to say that this is not a lose fat fast fad diet. It's a lifestyle change, and yes you can get results by counting calories, but believe me this is far easier. I spent 3 months using myfitnesspal on my android/iphone and according to what I inputed, the app said I was starving myself. That coupled with my aggressive workout routine via personal trainer, I should've lost about 30 lbs...when in fact I only lost 15, which is great...but it seemed I was missing something with the calorie counting because it did say I was in "starvation mode".

  • Patric Welch - I still hate snakes!

    First let me just say that this headset works great. It holds your phone snugly in place and the magnetic latch makes sure your phone doesn't fall out while you're wearing the headset. I also like the dials on the top and sides that adjust the pupil and focal lengths, something I found I needed to tweak with each 3D video I watched.

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