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  • Amazon Customer - Blu-Ray didn't work...

    The blu-ray wouldn't load past the first cutscene before the main menu for me. DVD worked. I tried playing both on the same Xbox One console.

  • Nicole A. - Smells horrible

    This stuff smells noxious. Tested it out on an old rag before using anywhere near my dogs and the smell is horrid. Won't use this on my dogs except maybe before a long trail hike and will bathe them after.

  • timothy - its awesome!!

    It took a little while, and an email to cs to get the free kindle version. But now since I got it, its awesome!!

  • Mark Froimowitz - Blurred Vision

    Given the reports that minoxidil also works on the front part of the head, I decided to try it. However, I had to stop using it after 2 months because of blurred vision which is a rare, reported side effect of minoxidil. This was most obvious when I looked at a traffic light 1 or 2 blocks away. I would get 2 or 3 images of the light which would merge as I got closer. The blurring occurs because these 2 or 3 images get superimposed on each other. I stopped using the minoxidil for a week and my vision is almost back to normal. I will try it again, but only using having the recommended dosage. By the way, no hair growth yet. Also, my name is Mark, not Marilyn. This website insists on using my wife's name even though it should know otherwise.

  • mnewut - Work as advertised

    I bought these for my husband who had just had shoulder surgery and was using perocet at night to make the pain bearable while sleeping. He doesn't normally snore but began to once he started taking the pain killers. These strips took care of his snoring issues allowing me to get the rest I needed as well.

  • shelly - So addicted

    OK I don't even know where to start with this product but man it man this is a must have for everyone. I have been a user of biotin for about 2 years now and I an so in love there is no way someone should ever give this a 1 star. This has made my hair soooo long, now I am African American and I have long thick hair but who wouldn't want longer hair??? So I started taking this and I have literally seen growth like crazy. I'm talking about 2 to 3inches which is a lot, if I could recommend one product for a female or male it will be biotin.

  • Eddie - Another Great Comilation

    I've been buying The Warped Tour compilation albums for several years now and this years version is fantastic. I've never been disappointed in any of the compilations so I didn't expect that from this one. What I got was an album that was a joy to listen to and I highly recommend this to all Warped Tour fans.

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