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  • Jeremy956 - I Like Sketchbook Pro

    This is a good program for all levels of users from beginner to advanced. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro works well with my sketchpad, Windows, Mac, laptop and other devices. I was overall pleased with the purchace of this program.

  • Greenss - Light, easy to maneuver, easy to open/close

    No regrets on this purchase and I wish I had bought it sooner. Really light, easy to maneuver, easy to open/close. I debated for a long time on which one to get and this one really suits my needs of being more-than-basic but not overly fancy (no need for me to have a reclining umbrella stroller as my toddler doesn't really nap on-the-go). I have never used it for extended periods of time so I'm not sure how comfortable it is for the child for a longer ride... it's my travel/errands stroller and for that it works perfectly. **I have noticed a little possible "weirdness" with one of the wheels after a beach trip. I'll keep an eye on it to see if this develops into an issue.

  • matt n - atvs15

    Instructions not there. Built decent but the 12 volt plug in isn't that great had to replace it with one that actually works. The opening for fertilizer to come out you can't see how far its open you loose a lot of material trying to get it set to what you want. Definitely not worth the money I spent on it. Nice it holds a lot of material you need it to get it set also the mounting it to your 4 wheeler you have to create your own way to mount it so it sets right instead of leaning. I would have given this product a better review except the 12 volt plug is junk and you have to fabricate your own mounting system. For the price its not worth it.

  • Jimmy P. Larkin - VERY BAD PRODUCT!!!

    Do not purchase this product. I wish I would have looked other places for reviews before looking at reviews on various virus protection websites that obviously are not from "real users". I have experienced all of the computer problems that are mentioned by other people giving this garbage bad honest reviews. I wish there was a minus number to use. Their software messed my computer up so bad that I could not read any info from any web site. It would just sit there and freeze and jump up and down. No website would fully load enough to respond to you. My Internet speed dropped from plus 30 Mbps to 0.70 Mbps. Yes, zero.70 !!

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