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Puremed - Professional Tissue Regeneration based on pure biology for physicians and healthcare professionals across medical & surgical disciplines in Scandinavia

  • http://puremed.dk/a-prf/ Choukroun PRF, A-PRF™ membranes for surgeons - Choukroun PRF, A-PRF™ membranes for surgeons and wound healing professionals with leucocytes, monocytes and growth factors release from platelets.
  • http://puremed.dk/allografts/ Allografts - human væv til kirurgi og sårbehandling - Allografts kombineret med autolog vækstfaktor åbner nye muligheder for ortopædkirurgi og plastikkirurgi og store besparelser - læs mere hod puremed.dk

    Country:, Europe, DK

    City: 12.0564 , Denmark

  • Gregory Kelley - You won't believe what this product will do for you.

    I have been taking this product for a week a I am blown away by the results. I read articles about this stuff and how it can cure all these different ailments and I thought, "B.S.!". I have had chronic back pain from a ruptured disk 11 years ago, gone. Chronic knee pain for the last 18 years from a car accident, gone. Chronic pain in my wrists from carpel tunnel for the past 15 years, almost gone. Chronic neck pain from a car accident 30 years ago, minute discomfort now. On top of that my horrible allergy symptoms are the best I can ever remember and my normally high blood pressure is now near perfect. One teaspoon twice a day can change your life. And I've lost weight without changing my diet! Don't just take my word for it. Try it yourself. What do you have to lose?

  • Amazon Customer - These stuff suck big time

    These stuff suck big time. I found hair in the bottle which means it was used.one of the bottles was almost empty and there's no directions on how to use the product

  • Babygirl_1823 - Son loves it

    Got this for my son since he loved the NFL Sticker book I got him. He loves this one too. just received the 2015-2016 NBA Sticker Collection which comes with 10 stickers & 5 packs of stickers (35 stickers) so you are starting out with 45 stickers. He loves that it comes with the book too so he can have a place to put his stickers. If you have or know of someone who loves this kind of stuff then it's so worth it.

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