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  • Paul D. Pansegrau - Stay away! Almost as bad as a killer virus!

    I received the free upgrade as Intego stopped supporting the previous version. While the previous version was reliable and trouble free, this version isn't. My computer will join networks, but it takes longer and longer to actually transmit or receive data over the network. The most recent time was 30 minutes, and I still couldn't get to the internet!

  • StephenH - Hardware great but software not so

    The hardware is great. The Power Panel software for Linux is a different story. There is no graphical user interface. Communication has been problematic. I finally found that the fix was to install hidapi and libhid. If these are needed, they should have been specified as dependencies in the RPM package. It would have saved some significant frustration.

  • Kindle Customer - I love this item

    I love this item. I tested it by leaving some wine open for a few days and then tasted it and the wine that had this vacuum top on it. The wine I had left open was actually sour but the wine I had vacuum sealed was still excellent tasting. I recommended this to my daughter's boyfriend.

  • PowayBob - Marginal Greeting Card software, includes almost daily emails to upgrade.

    Found this software to be marginal when it comes to creating greeting cards. Far worse than the software were the numerous email offers to upgrade for "a limited time only" that resulted from registering the program. Tried to unsubscribe several time. Would not recommend this to anyone.

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