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  • Heidi R. Moore - AMAZING!

    I won't repeat everything every one else said about following the directions to the letter and how it only works if you went darker when you colored, not lighter -- all VERY true!!! I will tell you that my hair is very fine, I'm a natural brunette, but have been coloring my hair for years. My natural color is very dark, but I had colored it a few months ago with a red-brown that I really liked. Like all reds, it faded A LOT and was looking kind of orangy to me, PLUS I had my dark roots coming in and some wispy grays around the temples. Yeah, I know, YUK! I had to do something, so I colored with Garnier Fructis dark mahogany brown. Worked great, covered the gray, left my hair shiny, etc., BUT I had left it in the full 30 mins because the grays I have a resistant to color and my hair turned an extremely dark brown, almost black. UGH. I went to work for two days like that and I hated how it looked in general and it looked even worse in the fluorescent lights at work. Made me look really old and I'm definitely not old. OY. I figured I had nothing to loose, so I hauled over to the CVS and found OOPS Extra Strength. I stood in the CVS and read about a hundred reviews online on my phone while i debated if I wanted to try it. I am SO glad that I did! I did the strand test and determined that I would only need to leave it on for ten minutes to get the lightness I wanted. Like I said, my hair is very fine and since it takes color easily, I wasn't surprised that the color came out easily too. By the time I finished putting it on, I had nine minutes left and then washed with Suave Clarifying Shampoo, rinsed, washed, rinsed, washed and then conditioned. Twenty minutes of rinsing each time and 20 mins of conditioner. I was prepared to recolor after I finished, but I really like the resulting color. Oddly enough, it's similar to how it looked before I colored it dark but I have no dark roots and no gray at the temple. SWEET! I love it! My hair still feels healthy and I don't need to color. Best product ever!

  • kat l. - Wish I got same day delivery.

    I just got it today(two day shipping with prime) and it has been amazing for my head cold. The past few nights I have been having poor sleep and an even harder time falling asleep. I had a stuffy nose, runny nose and coughing. Since I tried it this afternoon, I can breathe easily and my cough has improved a lot.

  • DejaJoli - Loving It

    This is a great little device! Excellent sound quality and very easy to use. Connects to my phone as soon as I turn it on and keeps it's charge for at least a week. I take it out once a week to charge over night but it could definitely last longer.

  • v stroud - Great Planner to keep a busy mom's life straight

    Great Planner to keep a busy mom's life straight. Has spots for dinners, play dates, church functions, receipts, appointments and various other amazing categories.

  • bensonk - Fun blaster

    This is really fun, surprisingly accurate, and surprisingly powerful blaster. I have just one major complaint: the springs used to determine whether a dart is in the chamber can sometimes partially eject darts, preventing the gun from recognizing that they're available. Thus you can have a dart loaded, but still misfire at a critical moment. That said, still a great fallback in any nerf war.

  • Amazon Customer - Overpriced and still cheap

    I have chronic pain and have had it for years. I used the old homedics massager. When it died I bought a new model and immediately returned it due to its lack of power. I found an old model on eBay and have been using it. I believed there had to be a heavier duty model out there. I assumed that for $195 this model would have to be heavy duty. I did my research and saw that this model was heavier than the thumper sport, so I purchased it. I received it today and it lacks power, even on high setting. It overheats quickly and shuts off and stays off for over ten minutes and when the red light finally goes off it only works for less than five mins before it shuts back off. People who are willing to pay this much for a massager are desperate for pain relief and I feel products like this just take advantage of our desperation and hope. I am returning this immediately.

  • Angela Lopez - liked this but had to return it

    I liked the design/simplicity of the chair and really wish it would have worked out, however, we couldn't fit it on our table due to a support beam. Aside from that another con is that it takes a while to twist it on and off. We had planned on hooking it up and leaving it on but if you want to take it restaurants etc. just know it can be timeconsuming.

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