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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.6449 Kansas, United States

  • André Oliveira - Great concept, but needs better tuning for the bundled guitar

    Great concept, but the equalizer fails to tune the guitar properly which causes either to break cords or problems in recognition of the notes during play. Work better with alternative guitars.

  • Abramov - great glue for fixing home/wood furniture

    really good glue that sticks very well to many surfaces as well as curtain plastics and wood. Had some items to fix at home that were falling apart and does exactly what it says it would do. Very strong expanding glue and fills all the cavity's when dry. Very messy in my opinion without any gloves NEED gloves when working with glue will make a bit of skin fall off.

  • Whitney Gillespie - Gross and amazing, but didn't get the super thick, calloused skin

    The instructions for this says to leave on for at least an hour, but the longer you leave it on the more deep peeling you will see. It's impossible to walk around in these, even if you put socks over top, because you feel like you're slipping around and move the bag around (even with the strap to secure around the ankles) so I put them on and took a nap. When I woke up I'd had them on about 1.5 hours and at this point they were kind of hot, so I took them off. I tried to soak my feet beforehand, to help the peeling process, but I was impatient and should have waited longer. About 4 days after using them, my feet started peeling all over. What I really hoped would peel was my thick, calloused heels, but my feet seemed to peel everywhere but there (they were softened, and I was able to use a ped egg to get rid of the skin on my heels). Literally... The skin around my toenails peeled, the skin on my arches, on the tops of my feet, everywhere. It didn't hurt when the skin was peeling, but it did look bad. I went to Target in flip flops and shed skin down the aisles as I was walking... Hopefully no one picked up my dead skin and used it to frame me for any crimes, but the skin was seriously coming off in sheets. It was very gross and satisfying, but for me somewhat of a let-down because the areas I really wanted to peel off didn't (heels and balls of feet). I would like to try again, maybe using the Tony Moly ones, and soak my feet beforehand, leave them on as long as possible, and soak my feet every day afterwards.

  • Ashly Jennings - Bought this for my babies gas and he absolutely hated the taste

    Very strong taste of black licorice. Bought this for my babies gas and he absolutely hated the taste. But it worked!

  • phaidout66 - Awesome effects! They did great and it kept moving

    Well the world is still here after 2012, but this movie has some interesting almost believable ideas. Its all based on the Mayan calendar and the world just explodes with destruction on a catastrophic scale. The GCI effects are endless and very detailed. Those visual effects people really did their homework on how the viewer needs to see a realistic approach to such massive destruction. From a massive tsunami rolling a aircraft carrier into land to splitting the ground open and collapsing an entire coast into the sea! Wow! Awesome effects! They did great and it kept moving. I did not get bored at all.

  • Mike Zee - Excellent color saturation; modern design.

    Has very nice modern sleek look. Very satisfied with the color saturation and brightness have used everyday for the past six months as my everyday work screen. Makes my other monitor at home look terrible.

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