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  • Camrun501 - This bag is awesome! I had a old Timbuk2 Med

    This bag is awesome! I had a old Timbuk2 Med. Messenger bag that I bought a decade ago and barely used anymore. I saw this on Amazon and picked it up. It works like a charm, it's a perfect fit. The medium size bag gives enough room for more than two bodies and a lens. I use a Leica M7 and a Canon 5d in this bag and it fits perfect. It gave my bag a new life.

  • brian - - The new, Definate version of the "Rock Opera"

    This is by far the best Jesus Christ Superstar cd out there. I have heard them all except the australian cast, which i've heard is not very good. The orchestrations are Amazingly clear and powerful. This cd leaves no songs cut, and it includes a newer version of "Could we start again, Please?". Steve B. who plays Jesus is very impressive and has a large vocal range. Joanna Ampil is a little weak as Mary, but she sings well. Zubin Varla is extremely good as Judas, and the rest of the cast is super. Including the casting of Alice Cooper, yes the rock star, as King Herod. As someone said earlier, the songs have definate endings and no "fade Outs", real theater performances have no "fade outs". Buy this cd even if you already have a million other Jesus Christ Superstar cd's. Enjoy.

  • Patricia G Fitch - Gift for grandchildren. Apparently there is something you wear ...

    Gift for grandchildren. Apparently there is something you wear on your body that you need to use this and I did not purchase it so as of right now, this is not in use.

  • Amazon Customer - Good book. Useful to make you happy

    Good book. Useful to make you happy. A little too much new words are suggested in this book. So this makes understanding not so simple. But the main idea of the book is simple and old - quietness in your mind solves all your problems.

  • Just a Bro - Great item all around

    I picked this guy up just for a power station around the house when my power goes out or for the few campus mg trips a year I go on. Great item all around. Since this guy is for running a small boat motor you already know in my case it's way over the top but what a great item I can charge anything and everything all weekend without that battery getting low on power. Very sturdy container everything works great and arrived very fast too. Everyone should have one of these

  • S.R. Kelley - Not the worst, but not the best either

    This borders more between the 2-3 stars. I don't like it, but doubt there is anything much better out there. I'm in a temporary apt where there is no stove top and I like to cook. I thought this would be a good solution. Well, it turned out to be an okay solution, but not a great one. Both burners take forever to heat up. Once the large burner heats up, it defintely gets hot. Way too hot. There is a knob to adjust the temp, but it only says low, medium, hot and once it's hot, it's very difficult to get it down to a normal cooking temp. So you end you either boiling things over or not being able to cook in a timely manner. The small burner is really only good for keeping things warm. Quite frankly it's a pain in the rump and I wouldn't buy one of these things again. I long for a real stove again so my love of cooking will be returned.

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