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  • TaHa - Good and easy product

    This program is fairly easy to use. I like the idea that you can place your recipes in your own cookbook. I would like to load my own recipe card and use as a pattern, I am sure I can do this but have not used it long enough to try. Also, I wish the company would of sent a hard copy manual, easier to find things.

  • jrwilson - Callaway 2011 hyper lite 4.0 stand bag

    It's perfect. Very lightweight and plenty of pockets to put stuff in. I also like the carry strap. It's very comfortable.

  • Allie411 - Got Compliments on My Skin! On Oprah's List of Favorite Things for a Reason

    I had a friend and a family member who complemented me on my skin after using this product regularly. My skin is dry and acne prone due to hormones. So that was a big deal for me! Woo! Only problem is that it dries out really badly into this weird ball of hardened gel after not using it for a while. Follow the directions and don't make my mistake of saving it! It helps exfoliate better than other washes I have used.

  • Kathleen - Perfect walking stick for anyone that loves hiking

    I received this product in exchange for a honest review. I love to go hiking and camping. There are times when the hills and trek is very steep and rocky. I was wanting something to help me get through the terrain so I could keep hiking longer. This was the perfect walking stick for the job. I love that it is compact and can be put away for easy storage. When I'm not hiking or anything I can put it away and the stick is not in the way or I'm not having to find a place to put it. It easily fits in my car or my bag when I'm on the go. This is the perfect stick for anyone because it also is adjustable for any height. I love this walking stick!!!

  • carrie davis - my go to lotion. its rich and thick works ...

    my go to lotion. its rich and thick works very well i have dry skin year round and when i go pick this up it makes a huge difference. my thirsty skin usually will absorb a lotion and wham within an hr i look ashy again not with this lotion it lasts several hrs. my son has eczema and it works well on the go as well when he forgets to put his aquifer on.

  • celticmaggie - Twelve Days of Christmas

    I know it is a bit early for Christmas. However you don't pass up a book from Debbie! For me it isn't a good book without tissues-sad and happy. Debbie has put a switch up in this story line. Instead of a blog on a book it is a book about a blog. Awesome. Julia is a happy person. Cain is a recluse. Put them in an elevator and watch the sparks.Spoiler. They live in the same apartment.Danger. They don't like each other so she comes up with a spoiler to change his Christmas. Along the way she meets Cain's grandfather in a home. Cain blows his top. Good times turn bad. Cain has finally found she has used him for her blog. Major Spoiler! I liked this book with all the rest of her books. This is quick read. It will become a reread book for me. This is recommended for anyone to read. I h you choose to read this story. Start Christmas early this year. Enjoy this story! I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.

  • Mike - Absolutely satisfied customer for 13 years

    I have been a happy user of Finale since 2001. I received my copy of Finale 2014 two weeks ago and I am very impressed! Finale 2014 is beautiful. The layout is clean and intuitive. Finale is exceptionally powerful, which is what I like about it. I use it for writing piano music; it can handle piano music and so, so much more. MakeMusic just released Finale 2014b, which is a free upgrade that fixes a couple of bugs that are in the original release. Finale 2014 notified me automatically that the upgrade was ready a few days ago, and installing it was a breeze. I very highly recommend Finale 2014. The price is kind of high, but worth every penny. Also, MakeMusic allows you to trade up to new versions of Finale for a very reasonable price once you own a copy.

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