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Ritalin (methylphenidate) Side Effects and Warnings - Ritalin is an addictive stimulant drug. Sometimes called 'speed' or 'uppers,' Ritalin can cause high blood pressure, severe insomnia, psychotic symptoms (like seeing things or visual hallucinations) and heart problems.

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  • Richard Pulliam - better way than this with salt

    I almost bought this until I remembered on the show Mythbusters that they used ice, water and salt to chill a beer in a very short amount of time. I did this with a whole case of beer and had the whole case very very cold in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes. Just rinse the salty water off unless you like that kind of taste with beer.

  • Yvonne Almeida - Scary to think about the possibility!

    I enjoyed this book tremendously and could not wait for the next chapter! The scary part was in thinking how easily could this kind of thing really happen? The hate one lawyer has for another festering into a "perfect opportunity" for a set-up, conviction and guilty verdict. The main character is a real hero you find yourself pulling for throughout his many ordeals. He is likeable, REAL, and emotions are portrayed much as would be expected. Scott Pratt continues to be a great writer.

  • A. Dabbs - Concise & user-friendly!

    Logically structured, concise, and easy to read, this little book definitely epitomizes the word "handbook". It's practical, comprehensive, and includes a robust appendix. It's a must-have resource for those in HR and those managing people.

  • donfranko - Fantastic Product

    This is my second time using Wet and Forget. I bought the half gallon last summer to spray on the half of my concrete driveway that was covered in moss. The half gallon made 3 gallons of spray, enough to do half my driveway then, and after two months ALL the moss was completely gone, and now 6 months later, it's still clear. So I decided to buy two gallons of it and do our front sidewalk, and the entire driveway. One gallon of this made six gallons of spray, enough to do all our concrete walks and drive. I have no doubt it will work just as good this year, and I have the second gallon to do a followup if needed (but not expecting to have to do that, will probably use the second gallon for a treatment next year). Very pleased with this product. Before finding this, I tried scrubbing the moss off with brushes, and some bleach water, but that was extremely hard work, time consuming, and didn't really get rid of all of it. I highly recommend Wet and Forget, the easy way to resolve that moss problem.

  • BusyMomOf2 - The guide is terrific if you travel to the “selected" areas of Germany

    The guide is terrific if you travel to the “selected" areas of Germany. However, this is NOT a complete guide for the whole country and it leaves out large parts of touristy regions such as the Allgaeu around Oberstdorf, the Bavarian Forest around Passau and the North Sea and its islands (not even Sylt is mentioned!). As a native I bought this guide to see how Americans view our country and what they deem important or curious. I had to laugh out loud when I read that Germans do not wear flip flops unless they go swimming. He’s referring to the “Badeschlappen”, yes, but don’t worry, I walk around in flip flops all the time in summer and no-one ever asked if I’m about to go swimming :-) I like how much Rick goes into detail for example when planning to see Neuschwanstein. All in all a great guide if you stick to the places he describes but arm yourself with e.g. a Fodor’s Germany in case you feel like discovering something else.

  • Nathaniel Ward - Look no further!

    Excellent quality filament, I have tried others before and they had air pockets and would pop when being extruded causing imperfections in the print. So I tried IC3D and it worked perfectly, I have been using IC3D ever since, no need to try any other brand. I also like the fact they are american made, added bonus.

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