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  • Amazon Customer - at 60 she looks great, but money buys everything

    I research ingredients prior to purchasing and wasn't impressed. Many chemicals, most from other countries. Yes, at 60 she looks great, but money buys everything. I'm leary of this products safety with everything in it. Kind of like Johnson's baby lotion containing formaldehyde which causes contact dermatitis. Or, Earth's Best baby food getting most ingredients from china. Nothing is sacred when it comes to companies...and stars, pushing unsafe products for capital gain.

  • Amazon Customer - Impressive Product

    Smoother idle, better excelleration, improver gas milage. From time to time kind of misses. Guess That's coming from the constant tuning.

  • C Makoski - Much Better Alternative to LifeStraw

    Much better than LifeStraw. No straws or mouthpieces to worry about bacteria growing in and you can filter water and either drink it from GRAYL or pour it into any other container. The price is comparable with other bottles that do the same thing but the different filter options available are better than the other bottles. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is that you have to use your body weight to press the water thru the filter. It works best to put it on the ground & press down. I can see this might be a problem for some people. There's also the possibility of debris falling into the water (because if you leave the top on there's no way for the air to escape and its almost impossible to push down). I would definitely recommend this product!

  • Kindle Customer - Love this case

    UPDATE (after about 2 weeks of use): I'm not going to blame the case for this quite yet, because the only fix would be potentially intrusive. More of a issue with phone. But those nice rounded edges on the phone lead to a little groove that dirt collects in between the phone and the case on the side of the phone. The rubber lip could be bigger and prevent this but would then be getting very close to the viewing area and I'm sure harder to make case to go on and off. Just an FYI. END OF UPDATE.

  • Sean R. - Excellent Solar LED lights!

    These Light Speed Solar Powered LED Wall Lights came packaged well with decent instructions on how to initially turn them on and operate them for maximum effectiveness. I installed these on an outdoor building we have in order to light up some of the side walk areas at night when people or animals come within the 2 meter proximity of the motion sensor.

  • Kindle Customer - Not expected, and not one to listen to again

    Well, it isn't horrible, but it isn't memorable or inspiring either. It is rather boring with limited potential for any hit songs. The good thing is that Lady Gaga is finally showing a softer side which is something that I have been waiting for for a long time. But the lyrics are basic, and there is nothing really deep or inspiring. In a word, it is forgettable.

  • S. Little - very ineffective, way too expensive, lacks results, look elsewhere

    for all the hype this gets i was very dissapointed. i wish i had asked around before purchasing because i found this to be very ineffective. i suggest using a source that isnt an infomercial.

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