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  • Richard - Nice treadmill, provided all the parts are included

    Great price, fast shipping, nice unit. However, when I opened up the package and began assembling, I realized it was missing two of the key brackets. These were not small items, with each one about 16" long and weighing about 4 pounds a piece, so the Icon Finess QA department must have been asleep that day. I sat on the phone for over 45 minutes with Icon Fitness customer service waiting to talk to a human until I finally gave up and tried the online chat. Luckily, I finally connected and they placed the order for the missing parts. One bracket was in-stock, but didn't arrive for a week. The other bracket was on back-order and took close to 4 weeks to finally arrive. In the interim (waiting for missing parts to arrive), I macgyver'ed a solution using PVC pipe and gorilla tape, but it was certainly frustrating to receive the product with missing crucial structural elements. (I'm a tinkerer, so I figured out a way to make it work after a trip to Home Depot for parts, but I think the average user would have been sunk for close to a month with no treadmill, which I think is unacceptable).

  • V. Jamali - Does this work? Yes and No

    I put this into a leaking toyota matrix xrs which has a timing cover leak. (not tensioner oring, i checked and fixed that). It reduced the leak by around half or so but ultimately it's still leaking even after driving it for a week or so.

  • dramagramma - Useful Thinking About Clay

    This is not a how-to or design book. Rather, the author takes a step back to consider fundamental aspect of ceramics, historically and aesthetically. I found it super helpful as a potter in keeping my eye on the big picture.

  • Brad Southard - Beware of ThreeLac and do thorough research before trying

    I just stopped taking ThreeLac because I developed a severe skin infection with a burning rash. At first I did not connect the ThreeLac to the rash. After several days it became worse and I saw a doctor who prescribed anti-biotics for the skin infection. I stopped taking the ThreeLac since I was now taking anti-biotics and decided to do an internet search for other probiotics that I could take while on the antibiotic. I came across a Holistic health care provider's website where she described her reaction to ThreeLac and many other people left comments about their experiences...most negative. I was surprised since I had read so many positive reviews and I thought that probiotics could do no harm - they would either help or do nothing so I thought. After reading through those experiences I felt weak and panicky because I realized that all my current symptoms were due to the release of a pathogenic bacteria into my bloodstream which is the last ingredient in ThreeLac: enterococcus faecalis. It is a bacteria that normally resides in our intestines, but if you have too much, of have leaky gut syndrome (as most Candida sufferers do), it can enter you bloodstream and cause all kinds of infections. Many people reported getting urinary tract infections which led to kidney infections, and most people reported feeling weak, tired, dizzy, and having other related problems. I too feel sick and weak and horrible with this rash - all my symptoms meet the those of an infection with enterococcus faecalis.

  • SF purchaser - I forgot how helpful it was to have a hardcopy of a tax guide.

    I've been using TurboTax for over 20 years. In that time I didn't buy hardly any third party tax guides whereas before Turbo Tax I got one every year. I decided to get one for this year's taxes and it's very helpful. The problem with online tax information and guides is that it's not really that easy to browse. A hardcopy book is like a visit to a library, going to the library you might find more valuable/appropriate material in a book right next to one you're aiming for on the shelf. Just the act of turning pages makes a lot of interesting topics stand out. Lasser's guide is a lot thicker then I remember it being many years ago.

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