Sistemas de Energía Solar y Viento para Puerto Rico PR Casa Solar - Energia Solar y Viento. Casa solar. Puerto Rico es uno de los lugares en el mundo con mayor disponibilidad de enería solar directa a través de todo el año. Esta energia puede ser almacenada y luego ser convertida de manera limpia y segura para ser usada por enseres y equipos eléctricos. Renewable Solutions Engineering, Inc es una empresa puertorriquena dedicada a proveer soluciones de energia renovable para las necesidades especificas de cada cliente. Contamos con un equipo de profesionales certificados y experimentados para evaluar su caso y disenar e intalar un sistema de optima calidad y rendimiento.Puerto Rico is one of the places in the World with the most solar energy availability through the whole year. The energy can be stored and then be used on electrical equipment on a clean and safety way. Renewable Solutions Engineering, Inc is dedicated to provide renewable energy solutions to fulfill the specific needs of our customers.  Our professional and experimented team will evaluate each case to design and implement an optimal energy system.

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  • Ally Nicoll - Casual Gamer - Wanted to Love But Can't

    I hardly ever feel compelled to write reviews, however this game has spurred me into action. It's truly dreadful. Don't get me wrong - you'll get a good 40 hours of play out of it, but after that it's worth nothing. The previous Diablo games had wonderful re-playability. This has nothing. Depending on the character you choose, it's even likely you won't make it to the end of the game.

  • Mrs. T. Steele - So happy I found this!!

    For anyone suffering like I do with poison ivy I can highly recommend this product. I was in agony when a neighbor recommended it to me and it really is fantastic. My reaction was so bad that it took a tube and a half to really work but the relief came after the first treatment. So pleased to have discovered this and the price here is very good. I shall keep a tube on standby from now on.

  • Moises - ... are my second pair of these shoes and I love them. They're so comfortable and they came in ...

    These are my second pair of these shoes and I love them. They're so comfortable and they came in a very nice red color. They are long lasting and keep their comfort level even after a lot of use (hiking and running).

  • Larry Blumsack - Depends

    There are pluses and minuses using Soda Stream. The product works great if you don't follow SS instructions. I tracked my refills over time. Waiting for two buzzes 2 seconds each as they recommend in their advertising and on the top of the maching and you'll get maybe 25-30 bottles of seltzer not even close to the 50-60 they promote in their advertising. I press it down and quickly release three times for plain seltzer. 4 Times if I am adding syrup. So I get 50+. The number of bottles you get vary from carbonator refill to refill-lousy product quality control. If you can't get carbonator refills locally don't buy the SS - there is no financial savings that way. I can get the flavors and carbonators locally which is why I haven't dumped the SS. The flavors are a mixed bag. What flavors you will like depends on individual tastes. I focus on seltzer and the sugarless flavors.

  • ruoutside - It works ...sorta!

    I've used Fix-A-Leak for a nagging, hidden leak in a 12 year old hot tub. It is successful in stopping the leak every time, but then the leak will gradually start again after re-installing the filter (following the instructions). So I'll use more Fix-A-Leak again in a month or two. While not perfect, it has been a lot less expensive than the repairmen (who couldn't find the leak) or buying a new hot tub.

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    People!!! Be advised! With the Rewards Visa card you can save $30 off the listed purchase price - $30!!!

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    If you can make the commitment for 10 days, it will be well worth it. The shakes themselves don't actually taste all that bad, you just have to get used to drinking ALL day long. After a while, you'll just want to eat actual food and night time is probably the hardest. I had decided to try this cleanse after some friends of mine tried it and ended up having great results. I was pretty skeptical at first, but after seeing firsthand their results I gave it a try. You will lose weight and feel better about yourself.

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