Phillip Fields/Runs Marathons with leukemia (CLL)/Mobile, AL - An anatomy professor at the University of South Alabama running marathons in 50 states with chronic lymphocytic leukemia(CLL). The website seeks donations to support Nemours Foundation, devoted to the treatment of children with cancer.

  • University of South Alabama Professors runs marathons with leukemia. - Frequently asked questions regarding marathoning with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -122.0074 California, United States

  • Matthew W Freeman - WOW It works and very EASY/Not dangerous.

    We had roaches in our kitchen for months after I sprayed for mosquitoes outside last year; they were smart enough to run... inside! We tried everything to avoid using chemicals; cleaning thoroughly and wiping down counters/sink every night and covering drains to prevent them from getting water... to no avail. It got to the point where when I turned on the light in the evening I would dread seeing those little ******** scatter and I would kill 5-10 per night. Finally had time to remove all food and food prep materials - moved to the garage and bug bombed. Did it twice in a 12-hour period to get any runners. Found to my dismay that this just made them run and lay eggs. After reading on the internet (why didn't I do this first?) I found that roaches are pretty good at hiding from/surviving bug bombs and that combat was the stuff to try. I bought one tube, applied it as directed and anywhere I suspected roaches, and on day 2/3 I saw only 1 roach. Today's day 4, and I see none, which is consistent with what others said; 3 days to a week before they're pretty much all dead. If only I had heard about this stuff sooner I could've saved myself from a gross headache and lots of cleaning.

  • amazonic - Very gentle for kid's skin

    This is my kid's favorite shampoo, and mine, too. I like that it is gentle and doesn't have a strong scent. One day, my kid fancied a strong fragrant shampoo Daddy used and tried it. She regretted the next day as her body was itching all over. Ever since then, she sticks with this shampoo no matter what.

  • Orbitee - Why Spend Money on An Upgraded Exhaust System

    This product is great. Totally changes the sound of the exhaust. Everyone was shocked, it sounded like i changed the whole system. Hopefully it does not cause any long term damage but i was willing to take the shot after not being able to find much in the way of negative reviews. This does what it says and at the price is a great buy

  • nolefan61 - fixing a major short coming of this unit.

    Bought one of these w/battery. Like the 1 star review I too found the tester failing brand new brake fluid. What I discovered was that only the very tip of the probes need to touch the fluid. Insert it deeper into the fluid and the fluid fails. So what I did to fix that problem was to put heat shrink on each probe allowing no more than 3/8 of an inch of the probe tips to be exposed. This allows only the tip of the probes to sense the fluid no matter how deep it is inserted. Any thing, such as a rubber hose that is compatible with brake fluid will work. This seemed to fix the device and made it more reliable. I give this 2 stars because of the inaccuracy with new fluid. After the mod I would give it 5 stars. Here's a link to my test.

  • Barbara J Romine - Las Vegas here we come!

    We used it. Not as many usable coupons for what we needed as opposed to last year's Guide but still good. It paid for itself over and over again. Arrived in good shape, good packaging, prompt delivery. Thank you

  • anfltd - Think twice before buying a Shark Navigator

    THINK TWICE BEFORE BUYING A SHARK. Their Customer Service and Technical Assistance Departments are the absolute pits. Following the purchase of a new Shark Navigator, I noted a constant whistling sound coming from the vacuum, a sound that was every bit as loud as the motor itself. I simply wanted to know if the sound was normal for this model or if it might suggest an air leak somewhere in the system. So over the next couple weeks I sent three (3) separate email to these two departments, each one asking that simple question. All three of my emails were ignored. I ultimately contacted their toll-free customer assistance line and asked them my question. I got what can only be described as a non-answer, being told that the whistling noise was "probably" normal. Not being willing to let it go at that, I sent a letter directly to the company's CEO complaining about my experiences and asking him for an answer to the one simple question I had already asked four times. He ignored my letter. Since I could not get an answer to this very simple question and being concerned that the whistle might indicate a problem with the vacuum, I've decided to box up the machine and return it to the store where I purchased it.

  • lea w - Folding is difficult, the seat angle is too deep

    I really really want to love this stroller - it rides smoothly, it's the perfect height (I'm 5'1"), the materials feel wonderful, and it's very light and compact - but two problems make it difficult for me to use. First, the seat doesn't sit upright enough. My daughter wants to be upright and able to reach out to things in front of her. But the angle of the seat bottom along with the recline of the most-upright position of the seat back keeps her from being able to sit totally upright. She keeps sinking back, and then gets frustrated that she can't stay upright. It's virtually useless like this.

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