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CSGOSTRONG: Unlimited CSGORoulette, bet items, skins, cases and ... - In some instances, the MQMC Channel Menu display will not show a change in channel status, and attempts to refresh the screen or recycle the MQS-MQMSVR Pathway server do not correct the problem. APAR IC75298 - In some complex cluster configuations with large numbers of cluster members, large numbers of objects, or frequent changes to cluster objects, the repository managers in a queue manager are unable to distribute a complete set of object metadata information, resulting in repeated FDCs from rrmHPNSSGetMetaPacket, with probe RM527001, and cluster objects not being visible in some CPUs in the queue manager reporting the problems. The fix for the problem adds a new configurable parameter to allow the repository metadata buffers to be increased to handle larger configurations, and changes the reporting of the metadata errors to include information on the amount of storage requested by the repository managers.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Kindle Customer - Liversaver

    This stuff honestly works really well. Normally I'm quite dubious about things like this, but one morning after drinking way too much i saw an ad and decided to give it a shot. Fantastic product , will definitely be buying more when i've used up my current supply.

  • GChicago (International Man of Intrigue) - Needs to be a bit more streamlined and direct when doing a specific task. But it does work.

    I like the software for what I need it for. Quick copies, edits. I used Roxio for over a decade and think the layout of that is much easier to navigate since most modules are on one screen. Nero is like having 6 programs and you must use the main page that opens numerous software that does that specific task. It's fine but I think they could write the program and incorporate everything in a singe interface. If you want to burn or copy, click this program. It opens that program up. You need to edit... click that and it opens another program. Overall, it does what it says but the interface could be simpler.

  • Terri Starns - Contact dermatitis

    After a diagnosis of contact dermatitis, and a steroid shot, I was still absolutely miserable with welts, blisters and unbearable itching. The creams, both OTC and prescription were provided very little relief, then is found this on Amazon. It was more expensive than what I wanted to pay, but I decided to take a chance because of some of the reviews. It was well worth the price! It stopped the itching immediately! Highly recommend this product!

  • Laura Vaughn - I love this lingonberry wash

    I love this lingonberry wash, it smells great. You can use it as both a body wash and a bubble bath, I have not tried it as a shampoo, because I love to use it in the bath. It has a convenient pump to give you the perfect amount. I have super sensitive skin and this does not irritate it. My skin looks more radiant and feels smooth. I will definitely buy this product again

  • just a listener - Maybe the best ball I've ever hit

    I started out this season with the B330-RXS, and I loved it. More distance than I'd ever hit in a ball, but with a great "feel". Then about 3 weeks ago, a Bridgestone rep came to a local course & offered custom ball fittings, so I signed up. After a really thorough & interesting swing analysis (complete with ball spin rates, clubhead speed, trajectory, launch angles, etc.), the rep recommended the B330-RX instead. Turns out the higher spin rate of the RXS was giving me too much inconsistency. So I took the complimentary RX sample and gave them a try on my next league night. I was more than a little impressed - they are indeed a bit longer, but more importantly, I definitely hit them straighter. And I noticed no significant dropoff in the feel of the ball off the clubface - I know that some "distance" balls hit like rocks, but that's not that case with the B330-RX. They probably don't stick to the greens quite as quickly as the RXS, but I still held my approaches with no issues. The extra distance they offer is worth it to me; I simply have to plan on a bit more roll with my approaches. I've since ordered a dozen from Amazon, and been playing them for a few weeks. Great, great golf ball.

  • Chris Smolenski - Whats nice is there is no levers to set our load

    First night 1 big squirrel, next morning four at once ,next day four at once, day three four in the am and three in the pm.


    I've used Nite White 22% for over 8 years now, even though the seller describes this as a "new product" it has phillips name on it & is not the same packaging as advertized. Be careful & know what you are ordering before making this purchase.

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