Salish Cancer Center – Located in Fife, WA - Salish Cancer Center combines traditional cancer treatment with Native American natural healing to offer a truly modern integrative oncology practice.

  • Salish Cancer Center - About Us - At Salish Cancer Center we practice patient-centered care and support your health and healing by offering evidence-based, integrative cancer therapies.
  • Salish Cancer Center - Our Services - Salish Cancer Center's oncology team provides evidenced-based modern oncology in a unique and supportive environment.
  • Salish Cancer Center - Patient Testimonials - Our patients tell their stories about their fight with cancer and how their treatment at Salish Cancer Center has affected them.
  • Salish Cancer Center - Patient Information - Download Salish Cancer Center's patient forms and review local discounted lodging options when traveling for treatment with us.
  • Salish Cancer Center - Tips for Healthy Living - Cancer's learning curve is steep, complex and overwhelming. But our experienced staff members do everything they can to help patients not only make sense of it all, but become experts in their own care.
  • Salish Cancer Center - Career Opportunities - Join the Salish Cancer Center team and become part of a passionate commitment to the every day fight against cancer.

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    City: -81.5401 Florida, United States

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