Shirley Press - - Pediatric Physician, Writer and Lottery Winner - The official website of Dr. Shirley Press - - board certified, pediatric emergency physician, writer and lottery winner. She is the author of her memoir, Pressing My Luck, which was published in 2013.

  • Shirley Press - Projects - Shirley Press - Projects - Public Speaking, Leah and Gershon Press Holocaust Foundation, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives

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    City: -118.4041 California, United States

  • Amazon Customer - i'm not sure about other types of adhesives but as far as badge adhesives this product dosen't seem to be a outperformer and am

    I've tried to remove truck badge adhesive residue but first thing I did was read the chemical warnings on can I then knew I should wear nitrile gloves, i'm not sure about other types of adhesives but as far as badge adhesives this product dosen't seem to be a outperformer and am disappointed with its ability to get this done, I had to really rub hard on long and still only minimum results.

  • Katie - Star Kaleidoscope.

    This product was not what I expected. I may not have read the product description very well, but I somehow thought this was a way to help us see stars near us through this fancy gadget. It's really cheap plastic and you cannot use it unless you're in a well lit room. It works kind of like a kaleidoscope. It was not near the high tech fancy gadget I thought it would be for whatever reason. It is confusing to use at first but it is pretty neat to learn about constellations and what you can see where. Just use it inside first or bring a flashlight. I do still really like it and occasionally when we have our inside campout I'll make my guy drag it out and we can pretend we're looking at stars. It's a great novelty.

  • Bilal El-Jourani - Great Overview about the Dark Net

    I heard it so many times before: you spend two hours a day on the internet, checking and liking posts on Facebook, Instagram etc. and suddenly you see a profile of you that you never created. Everyone can get your Data so easily nowadays. This book showed in an interesting way and great style of writing how to avoid these data traps and stay safe in the world wide web. Also it gives a lots of information about the Dark Net itself which can help you to avoid being one of their Victims.

  • Tammy Douglas - Wow amazing overnight transformation

    OK so I put this on yesterday after washing my face after rubbing in only about a dime size drop I immediately felt a smoother face in addition to brighter skin my face just looked healthier and this was just the first day I can't wait to see what it does after about 2 weeks of use I also put some on before bed last night my skin looked even better this morning so I luv it plus it shipped fast everything you could have expected and even though I got this at a discount for my review please don't let that affect your decision in your buying the product as you would be cutting yourself short by doing so

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