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  • J. Smith - Lots of Good Cards-Which Ones Must I Trade???

    I love it! Filled with awesome cards, such as Ancient Silverback (6/5 1 Forest regen) and Terra Stomper (8/8 trample). Mine even came with an deck-building manual. (I bought mine at Target... I don't know about the Amazon version. I would give you more informataion, but I should have been asleep an hour ago.

  • tsukiko736 - Questionable Product

    Purchased this from a kiosk inside my local mall. I got two jars (one for free) and a facial scrub (also for free). Although, the "free" is debatable because it was still $120. But from what I've read, this brand is quite pricey. I bought them because the salesperson said one jar would last me a it's only $10 a month and I spend more than that on other products usually. I was also impressed by the demo she did on my arm.

  • JUDITH M KOLTAK - My order came in the time frame that had been ...

    My order came in the time frame that had been indicated in my confirmation e-mail. I have used this product for several years, and I have always had satisfactory results.

  • sanket patel - too big but ncie quality

    The fabric and tie is nice but the shirt runs way to big. I normally wear regular fit but this shirt was way too bulky. The sleeves were huge as well as general width. Overall its nice material and color, just too big.

  • Jonny - Didn't work at all, roaches ignored it

    I followed all the instructions closely for this gel, then proceeded to watch roaches walk around and over it, but never stop to eat it. After a couple weeks of trying different placements, I gave up and tossed out the tube. This did nothing for our roach problem. (We have medium and small size roaches)

  • Cindi - So far so good!! I don't know that I have ever ...

    So far so good!! I don't know that I have ever seen a vitamin that I fell in love with just reading the description! Not many of these types of vitamins have so many different ingredients that will take care of your hair skin and nails! I feel like they are a touch big to take 2 a day, however, there are so many ingredients I don't think it can help being huge! I have no trouble swallowing them even though they are slightly larger so the coating must be amazing. The bottle is securely sealed, clearly labeled with ingredients, and the suggested daily dosage was easy to understand. I will be back for sure.

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