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  • Walter J. Allen - Perfection does exist.

    There are so many great Christmas movies, and there are many more terrible ones. Then there is Sim's A Christmas Carol. This isn't just a great Christmas movie, this is a great ghost story, a great tragic love story, it's a great movie. I've been skeptical about blu ray's use on black and white movies, but this is a gorgeous representation on the format. This is the best version of a Christmas Carol and there are many good versions out there. The Owens, Scott, and Stewart versions are all terrific and have their place but each are at the foot of Sim's version. This is a movie that can withstand multiple viewings and it should also be watched at other times besides Christmas, it's that good.

  • Ashley Degon - Gorgeous and functional

    This bag is beautiful and it's the perfect size. Previous reviews made it seem like it may have been a little too small but I am able to store my jump rope, shoes, tape, chalk, contacts, multiple pairs of socks (I stock up because I forget them a lot) and, my workout attire all comfortably. Mine did come with a shoulder strap as advertised. I would highly recommend this product to all of my workout buddies or anyone looking for a cute weekender bag.

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