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  • Steph - Great leave in conditioner (same as the pros use)

    I got my first bottle from my hairdresser and paid top dollar for it. This is exactly the same product for considerably less. I use it every time I wash my hair. My hair look silky and soft which as I get older is harder to accomplish.

  • NotFake - Buyer Beware - Renewal after first year is a SCAM

    I have had a magicJack Plus for a year now --- service was okay, but now they refuse to renew for another year!! I ported my home phone number (had for 26 years) to the MJ Plus -- and now they say my "account is under review," and "until the review is complete I cannot renew." When asked why a review?? -- their answer is that "The 'Higher Department' reviews random customers accounts." After maybe a dozen online "chats" (there is absolutely NO customer service number to call) and being promised each time I would receive an email with instructions for renewal -- absolutely nothing. When I asked Cherry and Charlin (chat personalities) about the expected emails, "You need to wait for an email notification coming from the higher department." And when asked when I can get phone service back - this: "The deal is if your account is under review you can not purchase anything until the review is done." And when I asked about porting my number to another carrier -- there is a $30.00 fee to release the number, which would be charged to "your credit card on file." Credit card on file? Ridiculous. If there is a credit card on file, why are they unable to run the card for a renewal? Also, there is a renewal option online on the magicJack website, but it doesn't work, and after a dozen or so times trying returns with a message that the security code is incorrect -- even after I verified it each time using 3 different credit cards.

  • Lulu - Great car seat over all.

    Overall, love this car seat! Looks very luxury. Beautiful pink color! I didn't encounter any problem with the harness and buckle. I am a tiny mom and I think it is easy to unbuckle. My girl is 11 mo now and I make the seat rare facing - fits my midsize suv. Only cons: baby has very limited view because of the protection pillow on both sides. But it is for her protection..

  • BilkoSW - Wanted to like it but it failed me

    I was impressed with other Shark products enough to buy this vacuum to replace an Oreck. First of all this vacuum weighs more than the Oreck and has a smaller head and is noisier, but to its credit, costs less. As another reviewer said, the true test of this vacuum is whether it will last more than 13 months. Well, it is just shy of 7 1/2 months and this vacuum just died. It was preceded by a very loud sound coming from the motor but was not the result of running over or trying to pick up any large objects. It happened with normal use. When calling the customer service, it was obvious I was talking to Asia. The person belabored the fact that I needed to be sure that the electricity was working in my house. He then informed me that I'd need to ship it insured, all at my expense to N.C., and then spend $16.99 to have it fixed despite its alleged 5 year warranty. Sorry, but this product just doesn't last with normal use and their warranty and customer service leave much to be desired. There will be no more Shark products in my household and my friends and family and Amazon will learn of the fact that I cannot recommend it or other Shark products.

  • J. L. Harrison - Some Noticible Improvements

    I took these religiously for the entire change in what ails me, which is arthritis. Saw no difference in skin, hair nails. I have a friend who swears by the you should try it and see if it works for you. Good luck.

  • toya howard - great set!

    the pictures are kind of misleading. my fault for not reading. I assumed it came with a lab coat too. but it doesnt. all in all a great set. a lot of the pieces light up or make noise. I bought 2 more after I recieved the first 1 for christmas presents. My little one loves it. my mother has a lot of medical issues so he's grown up around medical supplies and he always wants to help doctor nana but he can't. I have looked all over for a dr set in stores and could never find one. So happy to have gotten this one!

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