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  • linda - I called and the lady I spoke with was so nice, no hassle and the correct flaps were mailed ...

    original order had 2 right mud flaps. I called and the lady I spoke with was so nice, no hassle and the correct flaps were mailed the next day. my husband loves them, a perfect fit.

  • Machiavelli's Revenge - A Worthy collection of short stories

    Many stories were interesting and well written, but other are amateurish in subject matter, and the writing is just average. I would recommend this collection for its variety of stories

  • todd r. campbell - Just like Lumbergh in Office Space who 'Fixed the glitch'

    Here is a link to WND on what happened to all of the reviews on Amazon: Just like Lumbergh in Office Space who 'Fixed the glitch', by stopping Milton from getting a paycheck, Amazon fixed their glitch by just wiping away bad reviews. That woman is one stroke away from flat line, married to a serial rapist AND just can NOT follow State Department rules on handling classified information (Which was her JOB). No worries.......Amazon to the RESCUE!! White Knight away, Amazon. Cheers.

  • gene - It works but have to give it time.

    I love this product and I do not sell it. If you order it you need to take it for a few weeks before you see the effects but it really works.

  • Nightwatcher - Life changing information, also order coconut oil!

    Oil Pulling Therapy is swishing some oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes daily. Now somebody is going to say that that is the whole book and it's a waste of money. Well, they're wrong. Bruce Fife, the author, covers a lot of background material that does indeed relate to this practice and why he feels that this book is perhaps the most important medical treatise you will ever read. Using coconut oil to perform this simple task cleanses the mouth and body of bacteria, viruses, protazoans, and toxins like pesticides, mercury, and heavy metals. This takes a huge burden off the immune system, freeing up the body to heal itself. This takes time but it is a powerful practice for promoting good health. It is safe...because it is a technique borrowed from Ayervedic medicine and has been practiced in India for thousands of years.

  • michaelaen_37841 - great

    I didn't get this my grandson did and he loves it he likes to find out all the different stuff that is out there

  • cielsaphir - Top 10 under $1000

    I bought this bike as a surprise for my fiance, who bikes everyday but refuses to spend the money on a fancy bike. He was not immediately sold on the bike but was touched by the gesture so decided to keep it. He ended up falling in love with it. The difference between his old 26'er and this 29'er are night and day. He rides in New Mexico and it is just perfect for the terrain. He actually even loves the factory seat that came with it. His only major complaint was the heavier wheel set, which he ended up banging up pretty bad and replacing with a lighter tubeless set. Great little bike for the price. If you're not into your bike brands, this one is worth every penny.

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