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  • Tjoel - Sadly, the formula has changed

    I haved been using this for years and loving it. But with this order I noticed something was up. I did a little checking and discovered my old favorite is not the same. I never get blemishes but this caused breakouts. I will never use it again.

  • Beth - Great product.

    Great product for the price. I love to buy all natural ingredients for my son and to find a vitamin that is a decent price with great ingredients was a plus. The pills are quite large which is a downside but my son says they are fine for him.

  • JFied - ENORMOUS!

    This watch was enormous! I ordered it because I thought it would be a great mix between new and old style. The actual watch was big, which I was not a fan of.

  • D Christner - pretty good

    Rogaine is definitely working for me, but it is a somewhat unpleasant experience. It messy, smells bad, and You have to remember to do it twice a day EVERY day. It took a good 6 months to see some results. I started looking around to see what else could help, and I ran across a hair nutrient that I thought looked interested. I used it for about a month, WITH the rogaine, and my hair growth literally doubled in a month. It is called Mynoxidrin. 

  • rachel walker - BEST BRONZER!!!

    love this bronzer....i got pretty dark w/in 2 weeks of using this lotion.....just wish it came in a biggle bottle : (

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