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  • eaglenest - EMUAID

    I found this product on the internet when i was looking up Shingles. It said it was good for all types of skin conditions, Nothing was said about Hemoroids.Good for Bug bites skin rash, and Shingles etc. I purchased it and found that it did help shingles relieves the pain and helps the rash.

  • Cynthia A. White - A Terrificd Introduction into the World of Earthing Pds!

    12 years or so ago I had so much agony pain in my right wrist I couldn't use my right hand at all. All I could do was cry. The Lord somehow brought earthing to my attention and I orderd a small under desk pad.

  • 10za - Great Product!

    At first I was suspicious about the claims of this product but after using it on wood floors I was convinced that it is a great way to keep a floor clean.

  • Marietta Rhodes - my experience

    doesn't make a difference. I find that the only thing that helps is to keep the wifi completely turned off and disconnected from the electrical outlet.

  • Cheryl B - Cool and simple! Love it

    This mini fridge and warmer is amazing. The blue is a great color and goes great with a lot of my other items. I placed this in my room and it does not take up much room at all. It is perfect for small spaces such as bedroom, vehicle, even easy to take with you to work. This fridge is very light and easy to carry or transport. My husband takes it to work with him during the day on construction sites and brings it back in at night to keep his drinks cold. It fits 6 coke cans easily and also fits small bottles of water with ease. we took it to the lake with us yesterday and it kept our water cold the whole time. Doesn't take long to cool the beverage and is ready to go quick. Has a switch on the back that you can use to make it a fridge for drinks, food, etc and then switch to warm to keep items such as food, coffee, etc warm. The fridge is very well made and has a handle to carry with ease. The handle is built into the fridge and makes it so easy to carry. Has multiple ways to plug it up and keep it going on the back. Comes with two plugs, one for the wall outlet and a car charger cord for travel. Cute, simple, adorable, and perfect. I received this product at a discount in exchange for m y complete honest and unbiased review. I love this product.

  • JYung - anti slip bath mat!

    An awesome anti slip rubber bath mat for all kinds of tubs. It's white in color and feels and looks good. I placed the bath mat in my bath tub and the mats stayed firmly in place. It stayed snug and did not slip. I cleaned my tub thoroughly before placing the bath mat in the tub. That mat is soft and it is very easy to wash. I like this because it helps keep my family safe from slipping in the tub and hurting themselves. This product is made of 100% silicone and the purpose is to provide you with the highest slipping resistance material. It stays put where ever you place in your tube or shower.

  • Amazon Customer - but it's not like a miracle product that blocks 100% of smells because ...

    Okay, it definitely works, but it's not like a miracle product that blocks 100% of smells because it doesn't cover up the smell during the time the poop is hovering between your butt and the bowl. (Just being honest, okay!) I love that it doesn't just try to cover up the poop smell with flower smells. It actually blocks them from escaping the bowl. The scent itself is citrusy and quite good. And it looks great in the bathroom. HOWEVER, if you have a water saving toilet where the water level is very low in the bowl, you will have less surface area to cover, which means your poop might break the surface and still smell. Basically, once the poop is submerged in water, the smells will be blocked, but all unsubmerged poops will continue to smell.

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