Dr. Stanley S. Roland - Lapeer, Romeo, Frankenmuth, MI - Dr. Stanley S. Roland is a board certified dermatologist – a specialist trained to diagnosis and treat disorders of the skin, hair and nails. We are proud to provide our patients with expert and experienced evaluations and treatments at our three convenient locations in Lapeer, Romeo and Frankenmuth.

Country:, North America, US

City: -81.3792 Florida, United States

  • Tracey Laughery - Looks and feels great!

    Only been using this for a week or so but I love the feel of it on my skin, absorbs well and is not greasy like a lot of other products. Fast shipping and good price too, will buy from seller again😌

  • Alisa - Thus stuff is awesome

    I love this product! My hair used to grow only 1/4 inch per month, and it is more than doubled... It now grows between 1/2 and 3/4 inches per month... You need to have good in your stomach just as with normal vitamins otherwise you won't feel good, but I won't ever be without it. Amazing!! This seller has fast shipping too!

  • Daniel M. Pomerantz - Error Ridden Tax Software

    This software has very poorly written interview questions around dependant care tax credits which literally cost me $800 in deductions/credits. It was dumb luck that I reviewed my taxes, found the error to correct it, and got my money back. The 2013 version even acknowledged the problem by re-wording the interview to prevent people from missing the deduction/credit.

  • R. G. Huxley - Thriller Author - no longer blocks texts

    This app used to be my go to app. it completely BLOWS! It only blocks calls and ALL texts come through. It used to block more...and until this is fixed it will remain 1 star and I will no longer use. FIX THIS ISSUE!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Works, but not a game changer.

    The good news is Hoover is not trying to screw you, your floors will definitely be cleaner than if you mopped or swiffed. The bad news, I doubt it will take any less time or effort to clean your floors. The vacuum function works well for this operation but pails in comparison to a dedicated vac so don't plan on getting rid of yours. The scrubbing washing feature is great, when I see the grey murk in the collection bucket it just feels cleaner. The dry function works well on flat level floors but if there is any wave to the flooring it breaks the squeegie seal and takes a lot of back and forth to get the water up (which you will probably run a swif or mop over afterwards). I found going in W patterns about arms length using the wash and dry functions then moving to another section worked the best. All in all it did what it said but wasn't the machine that made cleaning my floors any easier. I like the idea that the vacuum sucks up the dirty water rather than pushing it around as in the case of a mop. If you have room for another item in your closet and an extra $150 bucks in your wallet then go ahead and pick one up, if you expect this thing to revolutionize how you clean save your cash.

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